Style 40+: six things you shouldn’t wear if you don’t want to look ridiculous

We are in general for the fact that our own individuality must be preserved at any age. However, this can be done in different ways. You can choose what you like, regardless of whether these things are suitable for you, or you can make images competently and harmoniously.

What things will not look good on those who are over 40?

Mini length

Wearing miniskirts and extremely short dresses after you turned 40 is not worth it. Even if you think you have perfect legs. Better give preference to a pencil skirt or elegant midi - they look just as good, and at the same time leave room for imagination.

Ripped jeans

Yes, it is now very fashionable. A sort of challenge to society, a personal little riot. But it is worth rebelling at a younger age. A woman over 40 in such clothes will look more than debatable.

Large jewelry

The aged woman is most decorated with minimalism. Choose modest and elegant jewelry - large (and especially cheap) costume jewelry will make your look too heavy.

Tight things

Can you boast the perfect options? If so, then you can afford such things - within reasonable limits, of course. But no protruding tummies should definitely not be.

Animal print

Even despite the fact that he is now in trend, on an adult woman, he will look too vulgar. Give preference to something more calm and restrained - and your image will be much more elegant.

Frivolous prints

Like ripped jeans, this can be considered an unnecessary challenge for you to society. Your every image should be a message. What do you want to say with the Mickey Mouse T-shirt?