11 inconspicuous brake lights that you picked the wrong man


When you want a romantic relationship, then at this very moment it is easier for you to close your eyes to the negative features of your partner. You begin to justify his bad behavior, and also to completely ignore all the signs that a person will never become a loving and supportive partner.

Here are the dangerous signals in your man’s behavior that you might have missed.

1. He scolds his ex, and absolutely everyone

If a partner responds poorly about his ex, then this is a sure sign that he did not even try to find out what in their behavior could be the cause of a break in relations. No relationship ends just because of someone. If your elect is entirely to blame the former, then, apparently, in the next break you just the same, he will make guilty.

2. He makes you doubt yourself and your adequacy

Gazlight is a special form of manipulation, when your partner knows that you are right, but deliberately muddies the water, tries to drive you crazy, forcing you to overestimate yourself, to assume that you have reacted too sharply. The gazlite master supports this process in very subtle ways, so that you do not know what is happening. Example: you hear a female voice in the background when your husband calls you from a business trip. When you ask him, he convinces you that it was your imagination or that it was a TV, even if you are absolutely sure that the voice called the husband by name.

Gazliting is harmful not only because the partner is lying, but also spoils the world perception, sows betrayal and damages mental health. Learn to trust your intuition. If it seems to you that something is wrong, then most likely you are right.

3. He does not want to spend time with your friends or family

A less noticeable, but still important problem: the chosen one is not against your acquaintance with his friends or family, but at the same time does not want to take part in your social life, family or professional. Ideally, everything should be mutual - you participate in its events, but it also shows interest in your friends, family and life events. If you noticed that you are constantly making excuses in front of your friends or family, why your partner does not appear, then this is a serious reason to think.

4. He is rude to strangers

Pay attention to how he treats waiters at a restaurant, concierge or just passersby in a supermarket. Rudeness towards strangers speaks about how he perceives others in principle. Keep in mind that as he usually behaves with strangers, he will eventually begin to treat you as well.

5. He never apologizes

Often we hear women say, “He doesn’t like to apologize, but I know that he regrets.” Or: "He did not ask for forgiveness, but then he was so sweet after a quarrel." The ability to apologize is a sign of maturity, showing: “Yes, I am responsible. I am ready to admit my mistakes. ” And the signal here is that at one point, if your relationship gets hurt, then you will be guilty.

6. He is too jealous of his phone

If your chosen one constantly hangs in his smartphone, then this is a clear red signal for relationships. But even more cause for concern is how he is zealous for his phone. For example, you have a dead battery, and you want to take a phone for a couple of minutes to call, but it does not give, without looking at the screen, and not making sure that there is nothing there. This means that, most likely, he has something to hide.

7. His time and money sink into oblivion

The key word here is “sunk”. When time and money disappear - this is a clear sign that not everything is in order. This, of course, does not mean that everything is just really bad, but it promises a final relationship. You don’t need to know everything every minute, but you don’t have to guess whether everything is in order, if your man is alive and well and why your total score is lower than expected.

8. He does not try to do something good, and does not take the initiative

Everyone knows that at the beginning of a relationship we try to do everything possible and are attentive to the wishes of a partner. Over time, we often stop straining to please the partner. A good attitude is when we are happy to make a partner happy, when we are pleased to make his life easier. Constant good deeds increase satisfaction and strengthen relationships.

9. He does not respect your personal space.

Does your partner respect your time, your physical abilities and people dear to you? Do relationships cause you to miss work, tear contacts with friends and relatives, do they not lead to discomfort sexually? Many associate the violation of personal boundaries with the passion at the initial stage of the relationship, but the repeated violation clearly demonstrates disrespect. Decide from the very beginning where your boundaries are, what compromises you agree on, and stick to agreements. Repeated violations are a bad sign.

10. He makes fun of you in front of others, even after your request no longer do so.

Public mimicking is not a good sign for a relationship, especially if you have already told your partner that you don’t like him to laugh at you in front of others. A loving partner will not try to humiliate you in front of someone. Of course, he may insist that "he just jokes like that" or even calls you overly sensitive. But the fact remains: if you are asked to be more tactful in public, but he refuses, then this is a clear red light. He signals that in this relationship you can never feel emotional secure.

11. He is more often in a bad mood than in a good one.

We all get up from time to time on the wrong foot. And after a hard day we cannot be courtesy itself. For many of us, being hungry is definitely being angry until something is eaten. But when the default partner is irritable, rude, disrespectful, do not be fooled, he is not worth it.