10 reasons why a man leaves you, even if he loves

The fact that you managed to conquer a man and start a novel with him does not mean that he will not leave you - it’s too early to relax. What things men do not tolerate in a relationship and that can lead to a crushing collapse of your relationship?

Your excessive jealousy

Do you check his phone and social media accounts, interrogate him for each female person within a kilometer radius of him and do not forget to regularly brainwash him in case of hypothetical betrayal? Well, he is unlikely to last too long. Rather, try to run away before you once meet him with a frying pan in his hands for the fact that he smiled at her neighbor.

Your attempts to make him jealous

No less than men annoying when a woman tries to convince himself of his love, provoking him to jealousy. Men do not understand the hints - it seems to him that if you flirt with his friend, then you are potentially capable of treason or do not like him. And if so, why does he need this relationship at all?

Degradation of his dignity

The man in the relationship should feel confident in love and partner to him. If a woman considers him stupid, not capable of anything, and tells him about it directly or with hints - and even worse, if publicly, he will not last long with one.


A woman who allows herself to have an affair with other men, no matter who they are (even if they do not end in sex), can hardly count on a long-term and happy relationship. A man simply does not tolerate another in his territory.

Constant resentment

Women are much more emotional than men, and the representatives of the stronger sex are well aware of this. However, this does not mean at all that it is necessary to constantly fall for it on any occasion, and make tragedy out of every little thing. This will make your man's life completely uncomfortable, and he will leave you at the first opportunity.

Desire to control his life

If you try to decide for him how he should look, what he should do, and what he shouldn’t, impose his own tastes on him or control him in other ways, you will soon be left alone. Even the most interesting, but tough woman will not be better than freedom.

Inattention to yourself

If he married a beautiful, well-groomed woman, then he assumes that she will remain so in the future. You can grow old, change your appearance, change your style, but you should take care of yourself as much as possible. If he loses interest in you, he may even be ashamed of it, but he cannot do anything with himself.

Mercantile spirit

Every normal man loves to give a woman gifts - he likes to see how happy she is. But if a woman is insatiable, requires more and more, and he is unable to provide it, he will try to part with it. He will be so calmer.

Mismatch of life goals

If you are in love with a charming adventurer who has not spent a single weekend in the city, or a workaholic who makes a career in the office, and hope that later he will change for you, do not bewilder your vain hopes. You knew what you were going for? So, it’s not worthwhile to demand a break from him - it will only lead to the collapse of your relationship. Well, if this is unacceptable for you, it may be worthwhile to find yourself another life partner.

Lack of sex life

He is a man, and he has needs that he wants to satisfy. If you do not contribute to him in this, he, most likely, will suffer at first, then go to the left, and then part with you, so as not to suffer remorse of conscience all his life.