Zodiac signs in a critical situation

Those who are not indifferent to astrology often draw conclusions based on the characteristics of different signs of the zodiac - who behaves like marriage, who is an exemplary family man, and who most likely will walk. Stress is also a significant factor that can tell a lot about a person. How do people of different signs of the zodiac behave in different difficult situations?


He is ready to be a leader anytime, anywhere. If something does not go according to plan, it does not frighten him at all - he is able to find a solution (often quite extraordinary), even in the most unpredictable situation. His only drawback is that he calmly does not know how to do this, and you will hear many angry comments about the situation and all who are to blame for it.


He can not tolerate critical situations. In general, everything that is not going according to plan, takes him out of himself. He prefers a calm, measured lifestyle, and does not tolerate surprises. However, he will not be upset for long. After a small stupor, he will decisively start looking for a solution.


Their critical situation is not confused - it is in their lives. Impermanent and reckless, they always get into something and get used to it. So if you are in trouble with Gemini, do not be discouraged. They improvise well and will definitely find a way out of the situation.


He would have preferred that someone take responsibility for all this, and did everything himself. But if they do not at all, he will have to. He may well cope with everything, but because of natural laziness and indecision sometimes does not want to do this.

a lion

He acts like a real king - instantly comes up with how to remedy the situation, but prefers to act with someone else's hands. Why should the king work on everything when there are podangyi7 The royal business is to figure out how.


She has no critical situations. Totally. Because the Virgin has everything under strict control. She has already foreseen even the most unpredictable situation, and now everything she needs is to act according to plan.


They can not stand any surprises - they violate their harmony. But if it came, they will get out in all possible ways and quickly - to return to a serene state again.


Being close to Scorpio in such a situation is a gift of fate. He is strong, decisive, intelligent and never gives up. He always knows what to do in the worst case, and will take it all on himself. Sometimes, however, he himself is the cause of all sorts of local apocalypses, but he is able to correct his mistakes.


In Streltsov, as well as in Gemini, such situations are in the order of things. Therefore, all he does is take a deep breath, say, “well, here again,” and get down to business. Thanks to perseverance and determination, Archers easily cope with any difficulties.


If in his ideal world something is not according to plan, this is a big surprise for Capricorn. He will immediately draw up a detailed action plan, and will begin to eliminate it. In the process of work, he will build all those around him, but, unlike Leo, he will set to work himself, without shifting all the worries to "subjects."


There is no situation from which Aquarius would not have found a way out. Independent, adorable difficulties, they snap problems like nuts, and even they don’t need help at all. Although if someone asked the Aquarius themselves, they would prefer to lie on the couch. With all their love for adventures, they are phenomenally lazy.


They live in their little world, and everything is fine in it. Problems in the outside world, they may not notice. In addition, next to each fish there is usually a reliable retinue, consisting mainly of representatives of other signs, which these problems solve. Each in its own way.