Five elements of clothing and accessories, thanks to which any image will look rich

Since we don’t have Rockefeller’s daughters who have innumerable riches in order to have time to acquire additional items of clothing as new trends appear, it’s so important for us to develop the ability to deftly handle the things that we have available and that we like. The ability to choose a luxury ensemble of clothes is all the more commendable, the less expensive things are involved in the resulting image. Whether you choose what to wear to go out to the city on the weekends, or you want to raise the style of your business clothes, in this article we will introduce you to five things that will add chic to your appearance and will in no way hamper you financially.


Do you want to emphasize the figure or with the help of this accessory to bring completeness to your image? Stylish belt is able to completely transform your appearance. A belt in universal black or brown colors can be worn with pants and jeans, and the more catchy options will add elegance to dresses and skirts.

Tie the belt into a knot and fasten it to the buckle in order to give a note of unusualness to the image.

Special accents

Jewelry and other accessories need to be able to pick up so that they do not look tasteless. Prefer simple shapes with a minimum set of curlicues and in simple geometric shapes - such decorations look stylish and modern.

Place your emphasis on geometric accents in your look: wear black-and-white striped shoes without backs.


Silk thread fabrics have always been associated with luxury. If you want to choose a more versatile option, then give preference to dark colors that look more rich.

A black sweater with a zapahah of silk is a model of versatility, plus it will sit well on any shape.

Fancy Earrings

Cheap earrings will most likely look cheap. Choose earrings made from metal alloys and pay attention to the fact that the form was modern and unusual.

This spring natural forms of jewelry are in fashion. This pair of earrings looks like this form turned out by itself.

Polished leather

Women who understand style highly appreciate shiny shoes, pants, and patent leather cloaks. Clothing with clear lines and a minimum set of details will look more elegant.

There is little that can be compared with black patent leather boot.