7 taboos in makeup that will make you much older

Make-up can not only beautify you and make you younger and fresher, but also turn into a real “aunt”. What are the mistakes in make-up often contribute to the fact that women look older?

Black eyeliner on the lower eyelid

This technique is often used in makeup, but here we face many dangers. First, the dark contour of the lower eyelid makes the eyes visually smaller. Secondly, he makes his eyes look tired, and you look much older. If possible, give up this technique, and in extreme cases, draw a thin line.

Too much foundation

Busting with tonal cream leads to the fact that your face turns into a mask - stale and inanimate. If you apply too much foundation, it will not hide the flaws of your skin, but on the contrary, will emphasize them.

Too much powder

The situation is even worse with the powder, which is clogged in the pores and makes even small mimic wrinkles much more noticeable. It is also worth noting that women after 35 should apply to powder as rarely as possible - on the contrary, it is necessary to give preference to means with a shine effect.

Noticeable pencil on lips

Using a lip pencil will allow you to make makeup more neat. However, if the pencil is very different in color from lipstick, you will look like a lonely librarian aged.

Too much rouge

The blush on the cheeks is always associated with youth and freshness. But not if there are too many of them! An aged woman who has too much blush on her face looks like a young aunt trying to fit into a narrow T-shirt with a Mickey Mouse print.

Too dark or thin eyebrows

Neat eyebrow shape gives a well-groomed look. But if you choose too dark a shade, but still not in harmony in color with your hair, it will look unnatural, defiant and add you a few years.

Thin eyebrows-strings look even worse - this is a sure way of “aging” yourself.

Dark lips and bright shadows.

The emphasis on the lips and on the eyes at the same time looks tasteless in and of itself. But in addition, dark lips in combination with dark shadows will make you older - in order to achieve the opposite effect, you should prefer light shades in make-up.
pixabay.comDo not make these mistakes - and you will look young and attractive.