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The tragedy of "ugly" women

Every girl wants to be beautiful. This is one of the main measures for a woman, according to which she feels her superiority over others. Or vice versa - he feels like an ugly duckling. Many consider themselves to be ugly ducklings in childhood - but whether they turn into beautiful swans depends largely on those who will be near.

Anna, my childhood friend, has forever become for me a vivid example of the fact that women's self-esteem is a much more fragile thing than it seems, and that it is impossible to joke with her. In no case.

Anna's parents are old school people. Most of all, they were afraid that their daughter would grow up to be one of those narcissistic and, in their view, completely hopeless young ladies who flash on the TV screen. Of those, the main advantage of which is a cute appearance. But there are no other advantages.

For the happiness of the parents, their daughter was not a beautiful child. Plain ugly girl, unremarkable. And therefore, with a clear conscience, they undertook the comprehensive education of their daughter so that she could achieve something in her life.

No, they really loved their daughter. Just in its own way. And their perception of the world is distorted by unnecessary stereotypes, which, unfortunately, have taken root in our society so much that they are often considered the norm.

Since childhood, the girl heard only that she was ugly. But then she was told that this was not the main thing, because she is very smart, very talented, and can achieve a lot in life without any appearance. She believed them - one time. Until she ended up in high school - where boys chose girls primarily by appearance. Being intelligent and interesting, she might like someone - but was unsure of herself and notorious. And this repels men in the first place, even if they are still young men.

But the hardest time was then when she matured enough to realize that beautiful women ruled the world. Or rather, women who can serve themselves. But Anna did not know how. She did not believe that she had the right to love a man and personal happiness.

The fateful meeting with Oleg occurred at the birthday party of a friend. He was late, and by the time of his arrival Anya was already cheerful. No, she did not become an eccentric young lady and the soul of the company, but she was relaxed enough to just be able to talk to him.

An interesting, but very squeezed girl attracted the attention of Oleg, who turned out to be a psychologist by training. He decided to teach her to love yourself. And the first thing he did was proving that every woman who considers it necessary to take care of herself can be beautiful. Anya visited the beautician, finally came into decent shops, bought a subscription to a fitness club. More than once against this background, she argued with her parents, confident that her daughter was rolling down the ramp.

Oleg and Anya got married in two years dating field, and today they already have two children. I cannot say that Anna has become completely self-confident - the old complexes still sometimes appear in her. For example, the thought that she is unworthy of this man. But much less.

Oleg taught her to love yourself, proved that there are no ugly women. Anya was very lucky that she met Oleg - after all, she couldn’t meet, stay alone for the rest of her life. Oleg managed to convey to her the idea that her parents had submitted to her in a distorted way. Beauty is not really the most important thing, but it does matter. It depends on the self-esteem of women, her ability to love herself and feel loved. Feel right for this love.