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9 stereotypes affecting your life


In my house there lives one young girl who loves mini-skirts. Very beautiful girl, and she really has something to show. And in my house there are kind-looking grandmothers who constantly sizzle at this girl and happily wash her bones with all the other neighbors. They are convinced that this girl is slutty and hopeless. In addition to long legs, she has nothing, but in her head - is empty. All he does is that he wanders over the peasants.

I know this girl. In fact, she is almost 30, and she works as a translator for a prestigious international company. And for men she, of course, does not hang around - for 6 years she has a beloved man, and soon they are going to get married. But for the whole house she is a frivolous student, and all because she loves bright clothes and short skirts.

Such stereotypes in our life - at every turn. Our people just love to gossip, gossip - just give a reason. I decided to collect the most offensive stereotypes that ruin the lives of women to this day.

Anyone who pays a lot of attention to their clothes, does not represent anything

Perhaps one of the most unpleasant and unfounded stereotypes. I would say this - the one who does not pay enough attention to his image does not understand the main thing - the first impression depends on this. And the first impression is of great importance. Personally, I have an untidy, untidy person who causes not the best emotions — I don’t want to deal with such a person.

One who is outwardly different must be condemned.

For some reason in our country it is customary not to stand out. All seek to merge with the crowd, hide, turn into a gray mouse. At the same those who risk to be not like everyone else, others look askance and angry, secretly jealous. And those people who spit on all these unspoken norms and look the way they want, admire the rest in their hearts. Because many of the people would like to look the same - but they are afraid.

A woman should be economic

And the one that for some reason does not know how to cook or does not want, immediately becomes "defective" in the eyes of society. “Who will marry you like that!” Who? A man who is looking for a beloved woman, and not a food processor with legs.

A woman should strive for marriage

And women are eager. But it doesn't lead to anything good. Many are in a hurry to marry at least someone, and as a result they tolerate a house tyrant, a slacker, an alcoholic and other situations that can hardly be called a happy marriage. In this case, do not rush - it is better to look at a better person.

A woman should want children

The current movement "childfree" causes a lot of negativity from the rest, although these people are just defending their right to freedom of choice. Personally, of course, I am still for the fact that children are wonderful. But every person has a choice. And so, when exactly to start the child, each woman should precisely understand herself. Readiness for motherhood is a very subtle and subjective thing.

The woman who makes a career is unhappy

A man is doing what he likes - why is he unhappy? It turns out. The thing is that a woman should find her happiness in a man. And if she is suddenly actively engaged in a career, then in love she is unhappy. After all, a man takes a lot of time - and he needs to prepare, and children urgently need to do - according to the same stereotypes.

Woman should be slim

We love to judge by appearance. And the fact that pyshechka can turn out to be a great person (not to mention that many pyshechki are much more beautiful than slender women), for some reason is taken into account. Is there extra weight? Lose weight!

A woman should not have many lovers

And even better - if she is a virgin and surrendered to her only man - her husband. This, of course, is a joke - today nobody is especially looking for virgins. But it’s still not permissible for a woman to have many men. It will immediately be called not the most melodious word and reproached in the absence of morality. Meanwhile, for partners it is very important to approach each other sexually - and how can this be understood without experience? What is interesting, for men to have many partners is still an advantage.

Man - head, woman - neck

It would seem that in this bad? The fact is that many of our fellow citizens understand this in such a way that a man’s opinion is more correct than a woman’s. Even if it is obviously wrong. This stereotype, fortunately, is fading away more and more, but this can still be found.

Finally, I want to say that the situation is slowly, but still changing. People are increasingly looking at human qualities, learn to accept those whose opinions do not coincide with theirs. Perhaps waiting for the moment when public opinion turns into an empty sound is not long.