Mistakes that cause wrinkles around the eyes

Improper care, or lack thereof, an ardent desire to look more attractive can play a cruel joke with the skin and lead to the opposite effect - the premature appearance of wrinkles. The skin around the eyes has a particularly delicate structure and therefore is prone to aging processes earlier.

Naturally, the first and main cause of “crow's feet” is the natural aging process of the skin. But often we ourselves bring the inevitable. You need to avoid common mistakes that can ruin the beauty of your eyes.

Use of unsuitable cosmetics

No need to take a mark on the package, indicating the type of skin, the machinations of marketers. If you have dry skin, and you use products for oily - do not be surprised that the skin has become even more dry, and it is on such skin that wrinkles appear first. The fact is that the basis of dry skin products are moisturizing ingredients that provide the necessary care for dehydrated skin; while the basis for oily skin is water, designed to remove excess fat.

With special attention should be treated and makeup removal. It is strictly forbidden to wash soap - it, like no other means, dries the skin, creating a feeling of tightness. Movement should be neat, do not stretch the skin in different directions. It is desirable that your movements coincide with the massage lines.

Wrong way of life

Smoking and alcohol abuse are primarily manifested on the face of a woman. The body wears out much faster, which activates the aging process. No less harmful are constant stresses, chronic sleep deprivation and fatigue, as well as lack of oxygen, a sedentary lifestyle.

It is worth reviewing your daily habits not only for the sake of improving skin condition: smoking and alcohol have a deadly effect on the body as a whole, and by avoiding stressful situations and increasing sleep, you will become much happier

Excessive Mimicry

Cheerful people are more prone to the formation of "rays" around the eyes. But this does not mean that you need to restrain yourself in laughter and smiles. Your sense of humor and charm will more than pay back a slight mimic flaw. In addition, unlike the lovely rays, deep wrinkles on the forehead and nose, caused by forever frowning eyebrows, no one would think to call your highlight.


It is important to follow the golden law of beauty - drink 3 liters of water per day. The liquid helps to fill the required level of moisture in the skin, which normalizes its condition. The use of large quantities of meat, flour, sugar and salt adversely affects the skin. The same can be said about the "harmful" food and ingredients: smoked products, preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers. It is advisable to include various cereals, vegetables, especially tomatoes, strawberries, fresh fruit and fresh juices in your diet. For the normal functioning of the skin cells, as well as the organism as a whole, it is necessary to ensure the supply of a sufficient number of various trace elements, so you need to strive for a balanced diet.

Negative influence of the environment

At the end of the day during the cleansing procedures, you can see that the cotton pad with which you just treated the skin took on a grayish tint. This is not so much the accumulated natural waste of skin cells, as the dust and particles of dirt that the city air is so rich in during the day. In such circumstances, in no case can one neglect daily skin cleansing procedures.

A perfectly even bronze tan does not have a favorable effect on the skin. Especially if you prefer a solarium to natural sunlight. The skin, like a baked apple, becomes wrinkled. Be sure to protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays with sunscreen and limit sun exposure to reasonable limits.

The inability to care for skin in winter also negatively affects its condition. Moisturizing is especially necessary in this dry season, but in no case should you apply a cream just before leaving the house. You need to wait at least twenty minutes until the product is completely absorbed, otherwise you risk frostbite, besides irritation and microcracks in the skin are provided for you.

It is also important to know that a poor skin condition may indicate the development of serious diseases, such as diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, which interfere with the blood circulation of muscles and skin, hormonal failure, and even hiv and cancer. If you notice a sharp deterioration in the appearance of the skin, it is better to go to the doctor and pass the necessary tests.