8 mistakes in handling hair that makes you older

A bad hairstyle is not so easy to recognize, and if you don’t frankly make your appearance, then you probably don’t even realize that you can do something wrong (just remember your photos from school albums).

According to Aaron Grenia, the owner of the IGK salons chain of salons, with one of the salons located in Manhattan in Dream Downtown, there are such mistakes that you may not even notice. Is the situation complicated? Improper hair care can add age to you visually.

In this article we will examine eight errors in the treatment of hair.

Error one: growing too long hair

Grenia says that there is one common mistake among women - it is uncontrolled growing hair. “If you just trim the ends, then the shape of the hair will be better. The split ends tend to go up the hair, especially on long hair, so I recommend cutting the hair once every seven weeks. ”

Mistake two: a hair color against which the face is lost

As for hair color, this is a separate conversation in the world of hairdressing, but it is also the most "reliable" way to add yourself a couple of extra years. This happens if the hair color is too dull.

“From this, the complexion can fade,” says Grenia. “If you make a discreet whitewash on the contour of your face and along the growth of your hair, and the main color remains your natural color, your eyes and face will become more expressive.”

Third mistake: outdated hairstyle

Even if you were able to abandon your previous passion for hairspray and long bangs, there is still the danger that you still stick to a hairstyle that looks hackneyed and not at all modern.

The biggest ban, according to Grenia, in this matter is an outdated, super-layered haircut with clear, clarified stripes and strands from polishing.

Error four: conservatism in bangs

What is the fastest way to update a hairstyle? To cut a forelock. "This is the easiest way to refresh a haircut," says Grenia. “You can also simply change the parting in your hair, this is enough to make the haircut look new.”

Fifth mistake: an attempt to independently reproduce the styling that you made in the cabin (without the necessary accessories)

Did you like the styling that you did in the cabin, and do you think that you can repeat it yourself at home? Jasmin Anna Galazka, chief stylist at the Warren Tricomi Flagship Salon at the Plaza Hotel (New York) and instructor at Shu Uemura and Kerastase, says it's not that simple, especially when it comes to “omnipotent” hot styling tools. “Women make the biggest mistake when they try to reproduce the hairstyle they made in the salon, at home, while not knowing how to do it right, especially if they try to style their hair with hot tools. Curls, paid almost to the stone state - this is the last thing you should strive for. This is how hairstyles looked in the 90s, plus they have an extremely artificial look. Instead, try to twist a little hair with a hot iron, but do not try to create curls from root to tip of the hair. ”

Error Six: nedosushivanie hair in the morning

Galazka says that insufficient drying of the head may come on during the day. “The hairs on the ends may start to push, and if you have curly hair, you may have unnecessary volume. You need to stock up with the right tools (a comb, a hairdryer, and a styling agent), and be patient so that the result will please you. ”

Error Seven: faded hair

For you there will be no news information that you need to follow the color. “Faded hair can visually make its owner older,” says Galazka. - Between hair dyeing, you can visit your hairdresser-colourist for the lamination procedure. It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to desire beautiful hair color and not to appear on the painting for three months in a row or more. ” Her advice: if you see that your roots have grown 10 cm, then this will make you look older and you need to update your color.

Error Eight: dried hair ends

If you make sure that the hairs on the ends look good, then you will look younger and more well-groomed. “We deliver a lot of different mechanical damage to the hair and even forget to take care of their restoration,” says Galazka. And then he adds: “If you are not ready for a haircut, then you need to go to the salon once a month and deeply condition the hair from the middle of the length to the ends. From this, not only will your hair become shiny and beautiful, but you will look younger. ”