5 reasons not to marry, which you did not know


Get married, have children and become happy - this is it, the classic set of a real lady. And it was true at all times. However, today the reality, fortunately, is changing, and the need to be sure to be married is gradually receding into the background. On the topic of the day, we give you reasons not to get married. At least in the near future.

Should I get married in 2019?

Did you also make a wish to change your status this year, before burning the note and drinking it together with champagne? And now think carefully if you need it. At least right now. You can hurry with this only in these cases:

  • You have a man and you have been getting married for a long time;
  • You are over 40 and you are obsessed with the idea of ​​marriage;
  • You are waiting for a baby and you want him to have a full family.

Reasons not to get married

Despite the fact that marriage has its advantages, there are many reasons why you should not go there. And here are the most common ones:

If you hurry, you risk associating your life with the wrong person.

Even if you subsequently divorce, no one will return the spent nerves to you.

You will lose your freedom

If you decide at two in the morning to go to console your girlfriend after the next separation, your spouse may be against it.

Children are a big responsibility.

We all heard this expression, but few understand how deep it makes sense. You need not just to feed the child, but also to invest a lot in it, to teach you to live by your own example.

You will have less time for yourself

Relationships are a rather tedious event that takes a lot of your time and effort.

You will have less opportunity for self-realization.

Career and hobbies that you are passionate about are very jealous. Just like your spouse. To allocate time so that was enough for everything, is not such an easy task.

Should I get married after 50?

Now imagine this situation: you are already over 50 and you are divorced. Do you need to make efforts to find a new love?

Answer yourself the question: are you really alone? If you feel the need to take care of someone, the need for communication, affection and love, and a hobby does not help you to distract, then it is definitely worth looking for a person who will brighten up your loneliness. However, there are pitfalls here - the character of a person at that age has already taken place, so it will be much more difficult to tune one another.

However, there is your desire to get married - nothing more than a desire to give society, to do so, because it is accepted, not worth it. If you are able to enjoy loneliness, then spend all the time on yourself - the idea is much more promising.