Want to love to the grave? Do these 3 things.

There are simple rules about what to do and what not to prolong the marriage. Let's start with what is worth doing.

Get rid of the word "if"

Couples should get rid of thoughts, whether their marriage will last long or not. The husband and wife must be firmly convinced that the marriage will last a long time and must ask the question: “What can we do to extend the marriage?” Such a joint goal is the first step to a long and happy marriage.

Think more about how to please your spouse, not yourself

This does not mean that you should not take care of yourself. Just pay attention to what your spouse likes and delight him from time to time. Such an attitude simply works wonders. He will feel loved and cared for. Ralph Waldo Emerson explains it this way: "One of the finest gifts of this life is that a person cannot sincerely help another without helping himself." Gestures of kindness and love, addressed to the beloved, be sure to return to you. Such is the balance of power in nature.

Compliment your spouse

Compliments should be sincere, so find in your spouse what you really like. Do not leave it to yourself, tell him about it. If your husband looks good today, tell him: "You are great in this costume." Or: "Dinner today was just wonderful," "I like your muscles so much," "Our children are so lucky that you are their father." Everyone likes sincere compliments.

Talk about what's bothering you

If something annoys you, talk to your husband about it. Maybe he forgets to hang his clothes in the closet, and you don't like it. Tell us what you want to keep the house in order, but you need his help. Maybe he spends family money on trivialities. Sit down and make a financial plan together, without blaming or pointing a finger at anyone. This does not work. Try this wording: “I am a little worried about our financial situation. Let's make a plan together. ” When couples do not accumulate irritation in themselves, and together discuss and solve problems, then such a marriage is more likely to succeed.

Do not tell anyone about the mistakes of your spouse

To speak ill of your husband before your family or friends is a betrayal. If something is bothering you, either forget about it or discuss it with your husband. Any gossip is very disappointing, but if they come from a loved one, it's like launching a grenade into your relationship. Do not do this. The only exception is domestic violence. This must be reported.

Do not concentrate on the negative

We all have work to do. Look for positive traits in your spouse. When negative thoughts start attacking you, immediately remember what excites you in your husband. And each time, drive away bad thoughts that way.