9 signs that the size of the bra does not suit you

I remember well how I chose my first bra. I felt anxiety and embarrassment at the same time. So I just made mom buy it without me. Now I no longer feel this embarrassment and I can easily find good clothes.

Almost all women wear a bra, but I was shocked to learn that 80% of women wear the wrong size. Here are 9 signs that the bra size does not suit you:

1. The chest falls out

A huge sign that you have taken a bra of the wrong size - your chest, which falls out of it. In this case, you need to choose a cup a size or two larger. You will be much more comfortable, and the bra will sit like a glove.

2. You fasten the bra on the last hook

Contrary to popular belief, you should fasten the bra to the first hook instead of the second and third. Over time, the product will stretch and you will fasten it tighter.

3. The buckle on the back is above the shoulder blades.

Clasp bra should be in the middle of the back, not between the shoulder blades. If your bra is sitting too high on your back, loosen your straps or choose a smaller volume.

4. The skin leaves traces of the straps

Do not allow shoulder straps to dig into the skin of the shoulders. If you have painful red traces from the shoulder strap, loosen them or buy a bra with a smaller cup. Thus, the cup will transfer pressure from the shoulders and better support the chest.

5. The cup is not tight enough to the chest.

If there is quite a lot of space between the breast and the bra, pull up the straps or buy a product with a smaller cup.

6. Folds on the back

No one likes it when the back of the bra bulge sticking out. In this case, choose a larger bra or fasten it on the first hook.

7. Too loose straps.

Nothing is as annoying as the falling bra straps. Instead of fixing them all day, pull them up until you can easily slip two fingers between the shoulder and the shoulder strap.

8. You do not accurately pick a bra.

It is very important to choose a bra for your body shape. Do not hurry. Go to your favorite lingerie store and ask a consultant for help. It will tell you the size and type of bra that will sit perfectly on you.

9. You wear one bra a few years

Over time, the bra will wear out. If you do not remember when you last bought a bra, it's time to buy a new one. The frequency of bra renewal depends on how many of them you have in your wardrobe and what their qualities are. Experts advise to change the bra every eight months.

If you notice one of these signs, it's time to update your wardrobe. Have a nice shopping!