10 signs of a wife proud of her husband

Most women want to get married - this is where they see their personal happiness. Many people mistakenly believe that the very fact of marriage will bring them happiness, but this, of course, is not so. Relationships in marriage need to work - and work together. A man will be ready to do a lot for you - but you must do the same. How oh should a good wife be?


Men and women are creatures from different planets. To recognize the fact that you are very different, and treats with understanding the quirks of your loved one - this is not an easy task, which will lead you to a happy marriage.


Despite all their courage and independence, men want to be cared for. It is not necessary to cook and wash for him - but it’s definitely worth it to stroke his shirt and make him coffee while he rereads the report in panic.


Independent and independent women are wonderful. Still, most men agree that they want to see next to a gentle and feminine, touching and defenseless woman who wants to be carried.


In spite of the previous point, every man needs a woman nearby who will help him out in case of something, support him in a difficult situation - in short, he will become a real support for him.


Men prefer to live easy. But many women, unfortunately, take life and relationships (especially) too seriously. Keep it simple, have fun, be light on your feet, do not be offended by his jokes - and then there will be no price for you.


The fact that a woman should be a mystery, everyone says for a reason. Men are researchers by nature, and they strive to do this their whole lives. And the main mystery that exists in their lives is the woman they love. Be deep and interesting, let your beloved constantly recognize you from the new side - and then he will never get bored, and, accordingly, will not lose interest in you.


A woman who is inaccessible to others and ready to do anything for his sake alone is the dream of all men. Sex really matters to men - huge! Suppose that next to you he feels welcome - if he is fully satisfied at home, he will not go in search of adventure to the left.


According to statistics, the main reason that men cheat on their wives is lack of attention. And women, on the contrary, often consider that attention in relationships should be given by men. Let your attention to each other be mutual - and then your relationship will be strong and happy.


Of course, your man loves you the way you are. But he, too, wants to be proud of his wife, to admire you, and to enjoy you. If you have a bright, interesting appearance, and you know how to serve yourself, even after many years your husband will not look at other women, even if they are much younger than you.


This is perhaps the main feature of an ideal wife. The fact that men love fools has nothing to do with reality. Dur love only inferior men seeking to establish themselves at the expense of women. Worthy men prefer intelligent, interesting, fond of women, with whom there is something to talk about, and with whom it is never boring.