7 products to increase sexual desire

Many people love sex and have long consumed various products that are able to cheer you and your partner. Products like oysters and chocolate make you feel sexy, but is this really true? Does it matter a lot?


If you ask someone about an aphrodisiac, then it is likely that this person will first of all call oysters. This makes sense, since the associations between these bivalves and sex have been around for a long time. According to legend (and the opinion of Dr. Christian Bosch and John Robinson), Casanova and Cleopatra were fans of this popular libido enhancer. And it's not just that. The shape of the oysters also resembles the female genitalia.

Scientifically, as Bosch and Robinson add, oysters contain vitamin B12, potassium, and large amounts of zinc, which increase testosterone production in both men and women.

Scientists say that "food should stimulate and strengthen sensations." This is exactly what oysters make when they enter the human body.

Can we expect an instant effect? “Not really,” says sexologist and relationship specialist Kim Anami. "But this does not mean that the texture of the oysters itself does not lift your spirits."


In addition to huge teddy bears and standard greeting cards, chocolate is another commonplace gift for Valentine's Day. But is it just a universal gift or is there something deeper in it?

Bosch and Robinson explain that "chocolate boosts the hormone PEA (phenylethylamine), which is directly related to the effect of ecstasy, as well as sex and orgasm." Dark chocolate also boosts dopamine, another good mood hormone that makes one feel positive and happy. All this increases libido and sexual satisfaction. With the absorption of these substances, our sexual desire and effectiveness is enhanced.

And no, not all types of chocolate are the same. Dark chocolate has the most beneficial properties, as it contains the most of PEA and less sugar. A small amount of sugar does not harm your body. In addition, as Bosch and Robinson point out, sugar can be unproductive for achieving peak sexual satisfaction.


Consumption of this sharp product, similar in form to the male genital organ, has also long been associated with increased sexual desire. Bosch and Robinson believe that it is associated with the active substance capsaicin, which contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and increase blood flow.

Capsaicin also helps the brain produce good mood hormones, known as endorphins. All this leads to external manifestations of sexual desire such as reddened skin, swollen lips and dilated pupils, and of course increases blood flow for erection and increase the sensitivity of the clitoris. This stimulates your desire and signals your partner about your readiness.


Watermelon is not only a good snack after sex (hello, rehydration). Anami says that this berry also works as an aphrodisiac. Watermelon is rich in the amino acid citrulline, which expands blood vessels in the same way as Viagra. But the specialist notes that the exact amount of this product to achieve a similar effect is unknown.


Amy Riley, author of the popular recipe book Eat Cake Naked and editor of Eat Something Sexy, notes that aphrodisiac products are effective because they contain stimulating substances. That is why her favorite product has become coffee, as it enhances your mood and works as a stimulant that can make your time in bed more pleasant and, possibly, longer.


Other products are considered sensual because of their smell. Mushrooms truffles fall into this category. Riley says that truffles are especially recommended for women, because their smell resembles the male pheromone Androstenone.

Aphrodisiac herbs and spices

Anami advises choosing aphrodisiac herbs, as they have a powerful effect. These herbs include poppy, saffron, yohimbe and ginseng, which are able to increase libido, erectile function, improve orgasm and hormone production.

Riley also notes that "cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, known as warming spices, are believed to raise body temperature to such an extent that it causes people to undress during sexual activity."

In conclusion, we note that all products affect everyone in different ways. Oysters can not feed a person allergic to seafood. This may result in your passionate night ending in a hospital bed. And contrary to popular opinion, not everyone loves chocolate. But depending on the person and the situation, certain products can be a nice addition to your romantic plans.