11 women talk about how to live without makeup

For the first time in the history of mankind, women began to fail their eyes and paint their lips in ancient Egypt, but they resorted to such a procedure in order to disguise the approaching old age and distance themselves from it in this way. Thousands of years have passed since then, for which cosmetics has evolved greatly. Yes, and when choosing a life partner, now we are no longer guided by any animal selection principles. As a result of all this, the modern woman is faced with a dilemma: is makeup an art, does it make a woman free, or is it a mask for which we only hide ourselves?

We love to scatter phrases like "to each his own" and "there is no friend to the taste and color," but we do not often discuss the opinions of women themselves on various specific issues, especially those issues that are very closely connected with the concepts of success, beauty and attractiveness.

“I think that the question of using or not using cosmetics should remain for the choice of the woman herself, this should not be a strict requirement. I myself, being a female, as well as a student who lives with the other four girls, feel the pressure in this matter from the people around me. Quite often I get comments with the reproach that I don’t wear makeup every day. I think that every person should feel attractive without cosmetics; he should not be ashamed of the shortcomings that we all have. We must pay tribute to the beauty that nature has invested in us, and use cosmetics only to emphasize the dignity of our face, and not completely change its appearance, as it is imposed on us by modern notions of beauty ”, - Lydia Lee.

“Decorative cosmetics are expensive and she hides from us that natural beauty that we received for free and for which we should be grateful. With the help of cosmetics you can achieve unprecedented results. There are so many nuances, cosmetics can be used in different ways. The power of makeup is amazing, especially with photos. With the help of cosmetics, you can hide any flaw and create a flawless masterpiece ”, - Raha.

“I like to use decorative cosmetics, because with the help of it you can emphasize and hide any features of your appearance. Cosmetics are like magic, ”- Tabata Depontes.

“When I was a teenager, with the help of cosmetics, I tried to change myself to become like the wrong people I admired. Now makeup helps me feel comfortable in my own appearance. Make-up should not change or hide anything, it should emphasize those features of appearance that you like in yourself, and set you apart from other such different people ”, - Alice Garcia.

“I perceive make-up as an art, only laziness does not allow me to create these works of art every morning,” Miranda Tyson.

“My relationship with cosmetics can not be called simple. As an actress and model, makeup is an integral part of my work and life. In most cases, we are simply obliged to wear makeup at photo shoots, even if a “natural look” is created using makeup. I really like it when a professional make-up artist works, but I myself do not always enjoy the fact that I have to use cosmetics for casting and filming, under the terms of which the model should put on make-up itself ”, - Tre Alexander.

“For me personally, makeup is an art, it is a form of expressing yourself. Although there are really excesses when makeup begins to change a person from the inside to a certain extent. It is important to appreciate the natural beauty that is in each of us ”, - Marcie Chodel.

“Makeup is really interesting creative work. I like makeup, but I also like natural beauty. Cosmetics helps to reveal the individuality of a person from different sides, ”- Janevive.

“I have always been afraid of clowns. When they asked me why, I replied that it seemed to me that they were painting their faces because they were trying to hide something from others. For the past few years I have been trying to cope with depression and find a way of self-expression that is acceptable to me, I asked myself what I wanted to hide from others. I remember that at times the only thing that gave me confidence was my face, covered with decorative cosmetics. However, is it necessary to blame the makeup? I do not think. When I still managed to find a way out of those "dark places" in which I wandered, I came to one conclusion: in those days when I was happy, I felt much more beautiful, and no make-up can match this. ” , - Sayond Kai Kirkpatrick.

“Do you remember the day we met?” Then I told you that one of your models seemed very beautiful to me. I said so because she looked especially happy. Happiness is beauty. If with make-up you feel happy, then wear it. If not, don't worry about it at all. Regardless of how we treat cosmetics, we all have to proudly carry ourselves, be confident and happy, because that is the real beauty, ”- Jane Costello Good.

“I love makeup because it gives me confidence, and for the same reason I hate it,” Isadora Lavaux.