The test is not for the faint of heart: 5 of the hardest signs of the zodiac

Living with these people sometimes seems like a real punishment. What are the hardest signs of the zodiac?

You never thought that you seemed to have done something in a past life, and in this whole Universe is taking revenge on you? If yes, then surely there is a representative of one of these signs near you. We found out the most difficult signs of the zodiac.

The most difficult signs among women

So, ladies, go ahead. Who is the hardest lady to get along with?


Female Twins in a relationship is a nightmare for her lover. She never knows what she wants herself, but she is very angry when a loved one does not understand what she, in general, wants. In addition, even the slightest hint of routine for this woman is a real tragedy, not to mention the fact that she is constantly looking for adventures on the love front.


Powerful and strict, she does not accept submission and strives to persuade everyone around to follow their own rules. To argue with her is completely useless and very tiring, however, avoiding a quarrel is extremely rare.

The most difficult signs among men


This man has very high demands regarding both women and for any reason whatsoever. It is quite capricious and boring in everyday life, and it is not just difficult to agree with him on a particular issue, but VERY difficult.


It is difficult to exist in harmony and comfort, if your partner strives to go out of himself and accuse you of all mortal sins, regardless of whether you are to blame for it or not. One way or another, you will feel like you are close to a powder keg.

The most difficult sign of the zodiac

And now to talk about the leader of our rating, the most difficult and complex sign of the Zodiac, both sexes in which are extremely controversial partners and neighbors. And this, of course ... Scorpio.


Actually, there is nothing surprising in this. When a person changes his mood ten times a day, and he will just take you out of yourself just to be amused, you can hardly call him an ideal partner. He is picky, suspicious, jealous and does not accept the slightest pressure on himself, although he actively practices it in relation to his partner.