7 signs that you married the wrong person

Quarrels and disagreements in family life is a common occurrence. Many experts even believe that some tension can be useful for relationships. But how to determine whether the tension between two people is a sign that they should not be together? There are such circumstances that reveal themselves only after people have been married to each other. It is then that it turns out that they have linked their lives with the wrong person. Are you worried, is this story about you? Below are 7 signs that you made a mistake with the choice of spouse.

Do you feel insecure about this person?

One of the most obvious signs that your relationship has become unhealthy is that your dear person is detrimental to your self-esteem with your behavior and words. Each of us has our own "painful questions", but if you start to torment yourself immensely because of them, then this is already too much. No need to stay with a person who convinces you that you are a terrible person and that you are not able to give anything to others. If you feel this way around your spouse, you may have made a mistake by marrying him.

Do your basic values ​​match?

When you are young and in love, the life position of your chosen one may not be so important. However, in adult relationships, especially in marriage, it is extremely important to have the same fundamental values, because if your opinions in matters of finance, career growth and life plans do not coincide in the long term, this can add significant stress to your married life.

Did you marry just because you wanted to wear a wedding dress?

This is not a joke - there are indeed such girls who are so absorbed in dreams about the upcoming marriage that they completely lose sight of the fact that they have to marry a loved one and like-minded person. Such people, as a rule, mistakenly believe that a happy and carefree life will surely follow a hotly desired wedding. Result? The choice of an absolutely inappropriate person.

Do you suffer from excessive nostalgia for the past?

The sudden desire of an adult to return to their youth is recognized by some as a midlife crisis. However, such a feeling can also visit those who unsuccessfully married. Has your interest in the activity that you had before you got married revived? Did you have a desire to dress and behave in the way you dress and act before marriage? If yes, then this may indicate that your marriage is bursting at the seams.

Do you lie to your spouse and are you not deceiving you?

Nothing, perhaps, does not act so destructively on marriage as lies. We do not mean innocent misinterpretations that, for example, someone else ate the cake and you have nothing to do with it. We are talking about significant issues such as money and marital fidelity. In these matters, lies can lead to a collapse of the relationship. If you or your spouse feel the need to speak untruths, it may mean that you should not have to connect your lives.

Do you communicate with each other?

As a rule, at the beginning of a relationship, people in a couple talk a lot, then their communication becomes less intense as they get used to each other. But if you have nothing to talk with your spouse at all, then this indicates a serious problem. Some married couples get used to each other so much that they no longer take an interest in the life of their second half and ask questions. This may be a sign that you married the wrong person.

Do you feel less alone with yourself than with your spouse?

A person who is married to an unsuitable person may feel lonely. Then a person prefers to be alone than with a spouse, cohabitation with which does not give him pleasure. When we are alone, we take loneliness as a given, but if we feel lonely next to another person, this leads to an “emotional hunger”. If you have ever felt this way around your spouse, you may have made the wrong choice.