7 things that confuse men in relationships

A single woman is more likely to cause sympathy in other women than envy. But for men everything is different - nobody especially regrets the bachelors, while some of the men try to remain bachelor as long as possible. The reason for such a difference between us - is that men are afraid of serious relationships. What scares them?

Too serious intentions of women

Women want to arrange their personal lives as soon as possible. And sometimes, tired of searching, they drag under the crown of literally the first man who turned up, which they are usually not at all pleased about. Not that they are so against tying the knot, but it would be nice to know the future wife better. Yes, and enjoy the relationship without commitment too.

Many commitments

In a relationship man is obliged around. He has to pay for the lady of the heart in a restaurant, give her gifts, take her to all sorts of interesting and most often private places, help her and much more. And if she becomes pregnant, then also take care of the baby. In general, men are not against all this, but not always their current position (financial, for example), has this. So they try to first prepare - earn more, find a good job, and only then look for a life partner.

High probability of failure

Men love to discuss women - especially with regard to their shortcomings. After hearing friends, confronted with mercantile ladies, stinkers and hysterics, men want to build relationships much less - who can guarantee that he will not get this way.

Too little time

He is very busy - during the day he builds a career, in the evenings he bathes a punching bag in the gymnasium, and on Tuesdays and Fridays he watches football with friends. How can a woman who needs a lot of attention be included in this chart? Here men and postpone the relationship for an indefinite period, preferring to do casual intrigues.

Bad experience in the past

He had already experienced a relationship in the past that had cost him dearly, and decided that it was enough for him so far. At best, he decides to try again in about two years, when the former stops coming to nightmares.

Fear of running into a mercantile person

Women’s goals can be different - just find a secured man, get a Moscow residence permit, etc. Men are very sensitive to the fact that a woman is with him not for his own sake, but for something material. Some fear it so much that in every woman they see a potential “fool hunter”.

Loss of respect for friends

In some men's companies there is a “cult of the bachelor”. If all the friends of men are single, then he can purposefully avoid relationships, so as not to be the black sheep among them.