Three main fashion trends of 2018 that will change your style for the better

Each new season is marked by its own trends. It is from them that one can judge how a woman understands fashion and whether it monitors trends. What trends should you pay attention to this year?


Bright and rich, optimistic and cheerful, this color looks great on clothes. Its great advantage is in the variety of shades, ranging from fairly restrained (light lemon, pale yellow) and deep (dark yellow, mustard) to the most saturated (saffron, bright yellow), thanks to which you can make an ideal image even for office.

In addition, the yellow color looks great on the accessories - add a thin strap on the waist or on the pants, a bright bag over the shoulder or yellow shoes, and your ensemble will become much more alive and sunny. Ideal for early spring, when we do not have enough color, and for sunny summer, where the yellow color would be more appropriate.

Avant-garde glasses

Spring is the time for a light fashionable madness. If the thinnest colored fur coats, weird shoes and unusual bags you already become boring, rely on your eyes. Namely - on extravagant glasses.

Avant-garde style sunglasses have appeared in the seasonal collections of many brands, among them Fendi. The brand presented bright vintage models, glasses in an unusual frame or with a cheerful print (for example, with bees), as well as with lenses of irregular shape - for example, in the form of butterfly wings.

Even if such models as those of Fendi are too eccentric for you - a bright frame or vintage style will be quite appropriate to look at fashionable women who are calm but not without a sense of humor.

Shiny shoes

Another great way to attract attention is to focus on the legs. It is not necessary to choose crazy models - just add some shine. Shoes, boots, sabo or sneakers in metallic color, as well as shoes, spangled with sparkles - one of the key "shoe" trends in the spring and summer of 2018. But the rest of the image is better to pick up more easily - unless, of course, you are not impressed with the style of an urban madman.