9 ways to attract the attention of any desired man and keep him forever


You are a single woman seeking love, and you want to attract the attention of a man in such a way that he wants to meet you. All women dream about it.

You want to be noticed and given you the attention that you definitely deserve? If you answered “yes” to this question, then we suggest that you learn to talk to men in such a way that they would be interested, that they themselves would want to listen to you and continue the conversation.

Here are nine tips on how to attract the attention of a man and engage him in conversation. Each of the proposed measures will help you to get acquainted with a greater number of men, to receive an invitation to a greater number of dates and to attain cherished love.

1. Be curious

The path to the heart of a man lies through his ego. Ask him about what interests him and what he enjoys, and while he speaks, show sincere interest in his story.

This is an old trick, which, nevertheless, works almost always: he will think that you are an excellent interlocutor. So get ready to maintain such a reputation: discuss any topics related to it. For most men, this is very flattering; they simply cannot resist such discussion.

If that - do not worry: if this man suits you, then he, too, will definitely ask about your interests; he will not rest until he finds out more about you.

2. Be confident

First, before you go in search of your man, let's decide what you think about yourself.

Are you worried that you may not be beautiful enough or not young enough? Do you think there are few men you can be interested in? It is possible that you are shy and that among a large crowd of people you just get lost. Or you are afraid of failure so much that you don’t risk drawing attention to yourself.

A lack of confidence can definitely prevent men from paying attention to you. The main character trait that is needed by both men and women in their partners is honesty. But the second quality, which is desirable for both sexes, is self-confidence. If you do not have enough of it, get ready to change your attitude towards yourself.

One of my favorite books on self-development is called “The Secrets of Confidence Every Woman Should Know” by Barbara De Angelis. There are many simple but really important ideas for the development of your ego.

You can also start practicing self-esteem. Just choose some aspect of your personality that you are proud of, and evaluate it every day throughout the week. Then choose another trait for the next week. Studying the question of how to achieve everything on your own and recognize your value as a partner and a person is not a manifestation of selfishness, but a demonstration of quite healthy self-esteem.

3. Be charming in communication

The surest way to make a man pay attention to you is to be charming. This means that you have to learn how to casually approach men and speak freely with them. Behave yourself in a friendly, positive and open way, often smile, maintain eye contact and laugh heartily - these are all techniques of flirting. In other words, any man should be very pleased to talk with you; no wonder if he wants more!

Women often forget the importance of switching to a simpler mode of communication; when leaving work, they still remain in “working” mode, and this is a mistake on their part. Some women also believe that only a man should take the initiative when communicating, and this is also a mistake. If you want a man to pay attention to you and listen to your words, make it easier for him.

4. Your voice must be charming too.

Your voice says a lot about you, and this is especially important when talking on the phone. Smile even if he can't see you. Try to make the man feel the warmth in your voice, it will make him feel good about your curiosity.

Another trick is a whisper. No matter what you say, whisper adds to your words tempting intimacy. Even if after some of his words you say something like: “You are so cute ...”, his heart will sweetly die in his chest.

5. Be feminine

Chivalry is not dead. When you ask a man for help (like a real Beautiful Lady in trouble), you are calling out to his manhood, and he immediately rushes to save you.

You might think that such an attitude remained in the distant past, but no: this male reaction to the call of a woman is completely natural, it is embedded in its DNA and goes back to prehistoric times. So why not take advantage of this? Feel free to ask for help from a man who will be happy to solve your problem.

Take me at least. My height is small, and therefore it is often difficult for me to get something from the top shelf in the store. When I realize that I myself can not cope, I look through the eyes of any tall man and ask him to do it for me. I have never been denied. Almost every man, passing me another jar, smiles.

The same technique works great in a crowded bar. Again, I find it difficult to attract the attention of a busy bartender, so I try to find some kind man, stand next to him and ask him to help me get the attention of the bartender to make an order.

Believe me, it works like magic, and it helps to make conversations. I met so many great guys, playing on their chivalrous feelings.

6. Be brave in language

A bit sassy behavior is one of the best ways to arouse male curiosity. When you are bold, you demonstrate your intellect and sense of humor, and this combination is very attractive for men.

Cheeky may include light teasing. For example, if a man asks for your phone number immediately after meeting you, you can, without giving your number, say something like: “Do you, it turns out, know the numbers?” Or “Such information is a state secret.”

He will take it as a challenge, and the fun conversation will start by itself.

7. Be curse

If you decide to tell about yourself, you do not need to talk about every minute of your life, do not overload your story with unnecessary details.

One of the best ways to lose a guy is to tell him a long story with a lot of digressions from the topic. If you want a man to listen to you, try to get to the bottom faster than when sharing your secrets with your friends.

8. Be flirty

As soon as you have a little chat with the guy whom you just met or with whom you have your first date, you probably will not stop from flirting. If you invade his personal space, it will certainly attract the attention of a man.

Here's how to do it right. When you pause during a conversation, reach out and lightly touch his forearm, hand, or shoulder (depending on where you are sitting). Hold the contact for about 2–3 seconds, then carefully remove your hand.

Be careful and try not to get carried away and go to a more sensual flirt (for example, put your hand on his knee), unless you are going to invite him home after the date. Let the best things happen slowly.

9. Be hospitable

If you are going to have a party, make sure that every man present feels good and comfortable. Take a coat from the guest and offer him a drink. If he doesn’t know anyone present, introduce him to one of your friends or girlfriends, and then start the conversation yourself to minimize embarrassment when communicating.

Now apply the concept of hospitality to an acquaintance.

When you communicate with men and show them how you like this communication and how you respect them, they penetrate to you the best feelings. Why is that? Because there are many women in the world who really do not like men, do not respect them or make them understand that they feel superior to men. Your desire to be kind, affectionate and hospitable will set you apart from other girls who have nothing to offer a man except contempt and bad attitude.

With the help of these nine simple tips that help attract male attention, you will undoubtedly become much more popular with men. If you try to use these tips, as a result, a much larger number of men will notice you, want to meet with you and spend more time with you.