23 reasons to believe that my husband loves me


We have been married for over 50 years, and I would not sacrifice this man for all the treasures of the world. Do you know why? I will explain it in a simple and intelligible language. This is what all of you, my dear male readers, need to do to make your wife happy.

23 deeds of my husband:

He tells me about his love every day. I repeat: each day. Sometimes several times a day.

He tells me that my arms are very cozy. and simultaneously charge it with energy. He always says bluntly: “I want you to hug me,” I reply: “Me too.” We like hugs.

He is a gentleman and behaves accordingly: opens the door for me, helps me to take off and put on my coat, takes me by the arm when we cross the street, holds an umbrella over me when it rains, and so on.

Every week he gives me a date. He has been doing this for so much time, that I even forgot when it happened the first time. He knows how important it is for us to spend some time together without children.

He goes with me to melodramas and even behaves as if he really likes them. Next time I will repay him by going with him to a horror movie.

When I'm sad, he treats me to a crispy croissant and a cup of coffee. He knows that I love this and that I immediately get better. True, he himself is indifferent to coffee with a bagel.

He works hard to earn us a living. I always felt behind him, like a stone wall. Not that we have had any difficult times, but the whole house has always been on it (and quite stable), for which I am very grateful to my husband.

He wants me to be a housewife and sit at home with the children. He knows how important this is for our children and how much it means to me. I am glad that he gave me this opportunity.

He encourages me to develop my talents. When I decided to take oil painting lessons, he helped me with this. When I decided to work as a songwriter, he approved of my intentions, even boasted about me.

He tells me that I am beautiful even when I don’t feel even more attractive (well, you know how a woman looks before applying makeup or combing her hair). It surprises and pleases me. Thanks to him, I always try to look good - both for him and for myself.

He likes to buy me new clothes. I like that he is patiently standing in front of the fitting room, waiting for me to show you how I look like in a favorite thing, and I also like how he scans racks with things in order to find the right size or color. I know this is a rare quality, so I really appreciate it.

He wants me to be always there. Sometimes he offers me to go with him to the building supermarket, and I go - mainly because I like being with him, even in the building supermarket. I'm glad he likes my company.

He helps me make the bed. If I get up before him (as is often the case), he does it himself. Yes, he, like me, likes it when the bedroom is cleaned and everything is in its place.

He cares about others. I often see how he helps a neighbor or visits a sick friend or relative. His compassion is very touching.

He loves our children and takes their problems. and suffering to heart. He is not as emotional as I am, but his love is strong and sincere. He is always with his children, heart and soul and often helps them.

He adores our grandchildren. He loves podnachit them very much and enjoys playing with them. They like it, and me too.

He does not check my expenses. He always trusts me with our finances. As a result, I try to be as thrifty as possible.

He was always faithful to me. Throughout our family life, I knew that he would never deceive me, even during his long business trips. Why am I so sure? Because I know that for him our marriage vows are sacred. He never thought about abusing my trust. However, like me.

He takes care of himself dresses well and it smells good. He does not use cologne because I have an allergy to it. It smells good just because it is often washed. Although he, of course, is not afraid to sweat when working in the yard. However, I like this smell too.

The previous paragraph reminded me that he does not shirk any economic work in the yard, despite the fact that they can not tolerate. He does this work for me, because I like the beauty and order in the yard, and he is always ready to help me with this.

He eats my cooking and does not complain although I have never been a good cook. There are days when I can barely cope with simple dishes. But he is always patient and kind to my efforts, especially since at least I could master some culinary secrets.

He takes care of me when I am sick. After a serious operation, when my tears drew into my eyes from the pain, he drew me to him, and I saw wet tracks on his cheeks. He was ready to take on my pain so that I could feel better. And his care helped me in the end.

He selects the most interesting jokes in his friendlt and tells them to me. He laughs at them infectiously - and I start laughing with him.

From my words you can now conclude that my husband is perfection itself. Well, it’s not exactly perfect, but for the most part definitely. I could tell about his shortcomings, but why do I need it? I prefer to remember only the good things associated with it. It seems to me that this is exactly what the essence of marriage should be: just notice the good things in a husband - and all his motives will open up before you, which will allow you with good reason to believe that he loves you.