Age will be invisible, if you exclude 5 things from the wardrobe

Age over 50 is not a reason to deny yourself the desire to be stylish and attractive. Do not prematurely write yourself to the old woman, putting on the robes and orthopedic shoes. Properly chosen wardrobe will allow you to look elegant and attractive at any age.

Consider the basic errors in the style that are not valid for women 50+:

Artsy decor

Large embroidery, appliqués in the form of roses, beads and stones are all the preferences of the ladies of post-Balzac age. The style of a mature woman involves the use of restrained, pastel-colored clothing with a minimum of decor. Several years of bright patterns in the form of large flowers, concentric circles or “grandmother's” peas will be thrown over you. If you want to diversify your style, you can use discreet prints - geometric and ethnic patterns or laconic embroidery.

Oversize clothing

This popular youth trend is not very suitable for women aged. Shapeless sweaters, overalls and wide trousers, which fit so well into the wardrobe of those under 40, can turn you into an old woman a few decades earlier. The main criterion of the wardrobe of a woman after fifty is elegance. Try to choose clothes of your size, emphasizing silhouette and femininity.

Shapeless shoes on a low run

With age, the ability to walk on heels for hours is significantly reduced, while the need for comfort increases. And indeed, a high heel is absolutely not an emergency, and it can also seriously affect your health. But to completely abandon heels in favor of shoes on a flat orthopedic sole is still not worth it. The choice of comfortable boats on a steady low heel can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Such footwear besides convenience, will add to an image of feminity, and to you - self-confidence.

Unsuitable outerwear

The cold season obliges women of any age to take care of their health. But this should not go to the detriment of appearance. No matter how warm and comfortable the puffy jackets and dimensionless down jackets are, ladies in their 50s are better off to get an elegant fitted coat, an elongated sheepskin coat or an elegant fur coat. Do not dwell on dark shades - an excess of dark age. A cream or beige coat in combination with ankle boots with a low heel or a light-colored fur coat with a three-quarter sleeve, complemented by long leather gloves - and a lovely feminine look is ready.

Unfashionable heel

Another mistake when choosing shoes that can make you old for a few years. Women aged should abandon shoes with low square heels. Retro-style, which is characterized by such shoes, although promoted by designers as “restrained elegance”, is more suitable for young girls. In the case of ladies aged, such shoes will only make the image look older. Therefore, a square heel, not exceeding the mark of 5 centimeters, in combination with a strap around the ankle - a taboo for women over fifty. If we are already talking about stability and comfort, then let it be a massive rectangular heel “column” or a small neat “glass”.