10 signs that your marriage was doomed

In any union, quarrels, clarifications and difficulties are inevitable. All this is surmountable and solvable: the main thing is for the partners to be mutually ready to work on themselves. But sometimes marriage is initially doomed, and there are reasons for this that, at first glance, seem mundane and meaningless.

1. You got married at a very young age.

Alas, the statistics is such that marriages between the ages of 18 and 25 years break up more often than later ones. The reasons for this are commonplace - lack of experience, lack of understanding of each other, unwillingness to solve problems and the hasty decision to start a family. The result - overwhelming divorce rate among 30-year-olds.

2. Partners have too big age difference

This is also a very significant factor affecting a happy family life. With too much difference in age, spouses are strikingly different in their perceptions of life, values, moral norms, and interests. The result - the clash of two eras and divorce.

3. Divorces in the family line of a husband or wife

It is statistically proved that if in the family of one of the partners, someone was previously divorced (parents, grandmothers or grandfathers), then it is very likely that this pattern will repeat. Of course, you can not equal everything under one line, but do not forget about it.

4. Different interests of partners

Although they say that opposites attract, but still much more likely to create a happy marriage for couples who have similar interests and hobbies.

5. Dysfunctional childhood of one of the partners

If one spouse grew up in a dysfunctional family, then this subsequently leaves a huge imprint on his entire subsequent life. As a rule, such people have problems in creating their own marriage, empathy, raising their children and understanding their partner.

6. Marriage to pregnancy

Or, as they say, "wedding on a fly." Of course, there are cases when such alliances exist happily ever after. But often, too much responsibility and the obligation to marry precisely because of the unborn child create many problems and misunderstandings in the relationship between husband and wife.

7. Different life values

This is perhaps one of the most important factors of all divorces. When the views of the spouses on the further fate are strikingly different, and the values ​​are completely in different planes, you should probably think that their family life will hardly be happy.

8. Excessive intimacy with parents

When one spouse is excessively almost pathologically close to any of his parents (or both), this leaves a huge imprint on family life. In such cases, the older family members begin to completely unreasonably interfere in the lives of their children, thereby destroying their fates.

9. Strikingly different incomes of spouses.

And here, in fact, it is not particularly important who earns more - a husband or wife. Sooner or later, the one who receives less will begin to feel his inferiority and dependence on his partner, which serves as a serious reason for insults, quarrels and a showdown.

10. Civil marriage

Whatever the advocates of a civil marriage may say, in this version of the joint union, the partners are not bound by any obligations or legal rights. As they say, no one owes anything to anyone, so at any moment you can pack up and leave.