A man does not need to hint, a man needs to speak straight

You women can communicate much better than us: read non-verbal signals, pick up intonations, decipher facial expressions. That is why we understand much less of what you invest in what has been said. Remember how in social networks you are using emoji to convey not only words, but also emotions. And on the contrary, how dry men communicate, and when you notice this, they sincerely wonder.

We, men, do not understand hints and resort to them very rarely, so our words mean only what we have said. No overtones, no hidden meanings. Therefore, what I say is more important than what I say.

Heard the phrase that if you want something to be done, do it yourself? So you do not even need to. Just tell me. We men are not telepaths, and you have already seen this more than once. Then why do you think that this time will be different?

The only place where we understand hints well is sex. Do you want to do this right now? Come on! It was not a hint? Did you just stretch yourself because your leg was numb? It's a pity.

Worst of all, when we feel that you are hinting at something, but do not understand what it is. Or we understand incorrectly. For example, you said that you cut yourself and you are afraid that there will be an ugly scar on your finger that everyone will see. And now, on your birthday, you are all waiting in anticipation of a gold ring, and I give you a machine for cutting food. And I feel like a hero who cares about you.

Do not hint! Cinderella could sit in the attic all her life and wait until the prince himself guesses to come and see in her a woman with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life. But in order for the prince to know about you, you have to go to the ball and lose the shoe.

Understand that our dialogue is not like the conversation of two experienced diplomats, when words are only the tip of the iceberg. At least from our side. We are rather soldiers. If I say that I want to eat, it means that I am hungry, and not that I am unhappy with the way you cook or that you forgot to buy bread on the way home.

Dear women, please consider communication with us as communication with children. If you want something, you will not hint to the child. You just explain what to do. This will greatly reduce misunderstanding and help us meet your expectations.