How do you express anger according to your zodiac sign

No matter how relaxed or calm you are, sooner or later you will get angry, and sometimes your anger can get out of control. You can be a quick-tempered person, but you can, on the contrary, be one in whom indignation is growing extremely slowly. How long can your anger be or do you keep your anger to yourself until you explode?

Astrology is great at helping us appreciate our character traits, especially when it comes to expressing anger, and how the zodiac signs behave when they are angry. The horoscope can only provide you with a certain amount of information, because no matter how your anger positions itself, no one is immune from the feelings that accompany it.

When such intense anger appears in the depths of our soul, it becomes simply impossible for us to deal with it delicately. So what does this mean for you and everyone who comes to you? This means a large number of hurt feelings, harsh and rude words and disappointments.

There are many varieties of anger and many ways to express it, but is the inherent way of expressing anger just your individual trait or is it defined by your zodiac sign? You behave that way when anger comes over you.


Stormy anger

Aries are considered babies of the zodiac, because they are known for their ability to explode, without having thought about how such their actions can affect others. You do not know how to embellish your feelings, and if you are angry with someone, it is better for this person to be alert.

You can easily ignite, but you can be quickly extinguished quite quickly if the person you are attacking all your anger to does not react to it and will continue to behave calmly. You quickly cool down and usually feel very guilty because of your outburst of emotions after the fact. However, it is not able to stop you from such a surge of emotions in the future.


Explosive anger

When you are angry with someone, at first you are very transparent about it hinting, becoming silent and cold, before exploding like a volcano with furious rage. Those who were born under the sign of a bull are not so easy to anger, but when this happens, you express your anger by throwing things at your abuser.

You are also quite capable of losing your balance in two accounts. No one should fall under your hot hand when you are angry.


Active anger

Gemini likes to talk, so it’s quite obvious that your main form of expression of anger is shouting, yelling, and expressing sarcastic and occasionally offensive expressions. But since you are known for having two sides of your own self, screams are not the only way you express your anger.

You can also behave calmly, balancedly, and strike someone's vulnerable spot with an ideal sharp replica. Whatever others do, it is better not to judge you or express your opinions about what you should do in your life, otherwise they risk becoming victims of your rage.


Expressive anger

When Cancers start to get angry, they first of all express this through resentment, and if no one notices this, they turn to passive aggression before completely hiding in their shell. Once you are under the protection of your shell, the people around you must decide that the best plan of action in such a situation would be to simply ignore you at the moment when you most need love and affection.

If you still do not get what you need, your silent brightness turns into tears, and if you are still not satisfied that no one takes your feelings seriously, you explode. Every pent-up emotion and a sense of resentment unspoken in the past will be released.

a lion

Deafening anger

When you are angry, go beyond anger and end with real rage. You are not afraid to growl, and the louder and more intense your screams become, the better you feel. You like to use offensive expressions and are inclined to care only about your emotions, being evil, without worrying at all about what effect your outburst of emotions has on others.

Although you can forgive someone for making you angry, you probably don’t apologize for your behavior, because your pride can stand in the way of common sense.


Suppressed anger

You do not feel comfortable expressing your anger, so you keep it to yourself until you explode, no matter how insignificant it is. The suppressed anger of the Virgin is also often able to cause health problems, particularly with digestion.

You feel misunderstood, which can be confusing and very embarrassing for everyone when your anger finally comes out. Your anger, as a rule, is never connected with what is happening right now; rather, it refers to what happened in the recent past.

Virgos, if you manage to stop crying and slam doors for just a second, you will notice that no one is following you, and your opinion also matters.


Seething anger

Is there something more hated by Libra than confrontation? Hardly. You don’t like to show your anger at all, because you don’t find these emotions attractive, because more often than not they are completely incompatible with your charming and interesting personality.

While you are trying to be above anger, sometimes you just cannot dissuade yourself from this state and sooner or later everything will end up losing your composure. But at that moment, when you really lose it, you sincerely believe that no matter how you spill out your emotions, this was the best way possible. Scales tend to justify any of their behavior, even a frank disruption.


Cruel anger

Scorpions are not easily pissed off, but when they are furious, it is better for those around them to do everything in their power not to be in their line of fire. Your sidelong eyes are capable of making people shudder, and your rude and sarcastic statements in a state of anger simply amaze with their cruelty.

You are not the sign of the Zodiac that forgives and forgets, you can never just let go of the situation if you get angry, so people around you should be wary of angry Scorpions, because the emotional destruction you cause cannot be called pleasant.


Fiery anger

Sagittarius is in the grip of the element of Fire, so it is quite logical that you ignite in just a matter of seconds. Being angry, you use words, but even they are not capable of making this situation less painful for those who are close to you.

If someone grieves you, then you can immediately stop the friendship with him both in social networks and in real life. The best way to deal with you when you are in a state of anger is to divert you away from the very cause of its occurrence, since you tend to be so distracted that you simply forget why you were so angry from the beginning.


Destructive anger

Capricorns take anger very seriously and usually do not express it in any way until they are taken to the extreme. You are known for breaking everything that comes to hand and lashing out at any person with criticism, it’s worth the opportunity to just turn up.

You will talk about how much people have disappointed you, instead of expressing how much they have angered you, so people around you do not allow your calm behavior to conduct themselves. When you are in a rush of emotions, it is so unusual for you that you shock everyone around you.


Calm wrath

You usually behave very calmly, so it takes a lot of effort to bring you out of yourself. The first thing you do is in a state of anger: stop all contact with people, get behind the wheel and ride around the city until you feel better. You will try to ignore the source of your hatred as long as possible, hoping that in the end you will be able to cool down.

If this does not work out for you, you will enter a state of extreme anger and finally lose self-control, after which nothing will be able to stop your rage. Although you can get rid of all your negative feelings, which will make you feel better, it may still take some time for you to start talking to your friends again.


Emotional anger

Fish are constantly at the mercy of different feelings, and this is rather a good thing, because it means that you are not so angry. But when you really get angry, you can be frankly frightening, even though the only person you are attacking is you yourself.

Being in a state of rage, you can become violent, self-destructive, and your rich imagination focuses all its power on drama. When your anger finally passes, you will certainly need to spend some time alone with yourself to allow your heart to heal.