What does he find attractive and unappealing according to astrology?


Surely each of you being in a relationship, thought about why your partner chose you. What exactly has attracted and interested him so much in you? Astrology provides a comprehensive answer to this question.


Aries love insolence and dirty talk. They literally thrive on overwhelming excitement and desire to quickly test you in action. Feel free to show enthusiasm and all your skills in bed.

Aries can not tolerate those who are obsessed with control and those partners who seek to change them. You must allow them to be themselves if you do not want to be abandoned.


Tauruses love chic dates, sensual massage and other romantic displays. In general, romance is the main weakness of Taurus, therefore, in general, unlimited attention in relation to their person will undoubtedly be appreciated.

Taurus does not like constant complaints and dishonest behavior. They try to avoid drama at all costs and save themselves from partners who are constantly trying to lead them to emotions. In addition, Taurus is incredibly loyal, so they can not tolerate deceivers and liars.


Honesty, intellect and wit attract Gemini. The presence of these qualities will allow you not only to interest them, but also to keep them. Otherwise, they may just get bored.

Twins are unpleasant for those from whom only negative emotions emanate. Such people, as a rule, do not even manage to make friends with sociable Twins, not to mention having a romantic relationship. Predictability and boredom also act as stumbling blocks for Gemini.


Sensuality and affection attract Rakov. They love thoughtful romantic acts and all sorts of manifestations of love and care.

Cancers do not appreciate arrogance, selfishness and unwillingness to agree to a compromise. Crayfish are sacrificial to their partners, so these selfish lovers sicken them.

a lion

Playfulness and confidence in the set attracts Lviv. They are always located to those who know how to really have fun. There is nothing more attractive for them than ease to climb.

Lions consider unattractive negative and selfishness. They do not like to be in the company of those who will constantly spoil their mood. By nature, they are extremely optimistic, so even realists will be perceived by them in this way.


Virgos adore professionals in their field. They are simply fascinated by those who make them want more each time.

Virgos do not like lazy people, as well as those who have one or more pronounced bad habits. Virgos simply cannot tolerate this and will immediately leave you when they find out about what you really are. They are much more attracted by those who have harmony and order in life.


Weights are attracted to partners who are beautiful both from the inside and from the outside. Seductive natures are able to conquer their heart. The more natural their partner will behave and look, the more attractive it will seem to Libra.

The Libra is considered unattractive by those who constantly create chaos in their lives. Scales too old and experienced to get involved in unnecessary squabbles and quarrels. If circumstances develop in such a way that Libra will be at the center of the conflict, they will act more like a peacemaker.


Scorpios adore touchy. The more difficult the difficulties, the greater their interest. The process itself always gives them more pleasure than the result. Scorpios also find those who care for their physical, spiritual, and financial well-being attractive.

Scorpios will never be considered attractive dishonesty and betrayal. Scorpions are extremely mistrustful, so do not even try to deceive them, it will be worse.


Sagittarius consider spontaneity, sense of humor and ease to be attractive. They prefer partners with free views, always ready for adventure.

Boring, dishonest and control-obsessed people, seeking only to powder their brains and spend time on all sorts of nonsense, do not at all attract Streltsov. If you only do what you give out orders, you and Sagittarius are not exactly on the way.


Capricorns are attracted by educated and somewhat mysterious people. In order to interest Capricorns, you should not just be polite and look great, you should behave courteously and respectfully, and also allow their imagination to work to the full extent.

Obnoxious, arrogant people who care only about their ego, in Capricorns only cause disgust. If you only do what you say about yourself and do not even pay attention to the needs of your Capricorn partner, consider that your relationship is doomed.


Confidence, education and the ability to think creatively always attract Aquarius. If your life is driven by passion and desire for the best, Aquarius will definitely notice you.

Demanding and overly obtrusive partners are unlikely to interest Aquarius. They maintain independence and love of freedom even when they are in a relationship. If you expect that they will be constantly circling only around you, then you are greatly mistaken.


Artistic, creative and playful natures attract Pisces. Devote a serenade to them, or call a poem in their honor, and you can even be sure that Pisces will be at your feet.

At the same time, Pisces absolutely does not tolerate evil, limitations and authority. If you do not seek to respect their opinions and ideas, but only try to lead their every step, you can not expect a good relationship.