All crazy about you: 10 simple habits that will make you irresistible


We don't say it out loud, but deep down we all want to be attractive. No, not with a toned body or a flawless face, but with such qualities that people feel immediately.

Yes, we are judged by appearance, but do not rely only on it, hoping to become attractive to your environment. Here are some useful and simple habits with which you will be just such a woman.

1. Surprise people: don't tell them about surprises.

Do not tell people what you are going to give or do for them, because then they expect you to do it. Make them a surprise - it's much more memorable and impressive than doing what you promised.

2. Say no when you really don't want

People respect those who express their opinions more than those who always agree with their request or invitation. Because when you say no to others, people see that you have priorities and you can be honest with them. If you do not treat yourself as a "number one", then others will treat you as a "number two".

3. Do something nice for strangers

Hold the door if their hands are busy. Warn them before they sit on a wet seat. Tell them that they have fallen out of their pocket. This is something that most people will not do, but respect when you do it.

4. Leave your ego and learn from those who are better than you.

You can complain to everyone that life sucks, and constantly ask yourself: "why am I not as smart, rich, handsome, successful, influential" or "why am I not as pretty as my best friend?" But, in the end After all, you are not helping yourself grow. You are not trying to get better.

Take the time to learn what makes others shine. Practice over and over. Ask if you need it. Because if you want to be better, you must be ready to learn from the best.

5. Be curious about everything.

It's nice to talk with others, but at the moment when the conversation dies, because there is nothing more to say, you get bored from communicating with this person. Do not be the kind of person who looks away with dismay, puzzling over a good topic.

If you want to protect yourself from such a situation, you must ensure that people are interested in you. And the only way to do this is to ask yourself. Ask yourself why people behave like this. Read about what is happening in the world. When you have something to talk about, people automatically think that you are a charming interlocutor.

6. Keep calm when someone is angry with you.

This is not a very pleasant sight, when someone shouts at you, so it is very difficult to hold back so as not to lash out in response.

Before you do this, take a moment to think about the whole situation and why you are so angry. Perhaps there was some misunderstanding between you, and it might be better to remain calm and talk about it. Perhaps this is the best solution in order to understand a person.

7. Start a conversation with someone unfamiliar.

Most of us are nervous, being outside the comfort zone, which allows people to see who is confident and who is not. Those who meet others are people who are absolutely comfortable in their skin.

Get out of your comfort zone and talk to someone you have never met. You will instantly surprise them and walk away with greater self-confidence.

8. Write a list of what you want to know.

Many complain that they are often bored, so they spend their time sleeping or watching TV all day.

What makes you more attractive in the long run is the ability to learn and learn something new every day. Make a list of things you don’t know or know little about. Update this list whenever you come across a topic that puzzles you, and explore it when you have time.

9. Say "thanks"

It is simple and sometimes used too often, but it can still change the world. All this takes a couple of seconds to think and evaluate what you are given or done for you, even if it is something small. Remember: thank others when you really want it.

10. Find time for yourself

There is one thing that you can not recover in life - this is the time. This is why people who are constantly busy doing things end up becoming more successful than those who treat their time as a worthless dollar: you can waste it, but that's what people use to create a successful life worth living.

Remember that the most attractive thing in you is connected not so much with your face and body, but also with your soul and habits.