4 nuances in clothes that give an unkempt woman in winter

If you think that in winter, unlike the warm season, you can hide under clothes, then you are mistaken. You can hide that your sweater just looks with a skirt under the down jacket, but you can not hide your inattention to your appearance, even in winter. What can you give out?

Shoes or boots

We believe that you are not a slob and do not allow your shoes to be dirty. However, shoes made of natural material requires not only constant washing, but also proper care. This is especially true of materials such as natural suede and nubuck. If you don’t process your new shoes and leave them wet, it’s not at all aesthetic divorces.

Drops of dirt on the hem or trousers

Weather conditions, of course, leave much to be desired, but you should still be careful not to collect all the dirt from the streets on your clothes. First, you should be careful while walking. Secondly, the brush for clothes in the bag would be quite useful. And, finally, it is better to abstain from very long things in such weather.

Pads on accessories

The accessories that you use in the image should also be in perfect order. There should be no protruding threads, puffs on scarves and hats. And the main problem: the pellets, which greatly spoil the look. However, it is not at all easy to get rid of them if you use a special machine for removing the pellet or even a simple razor.

Holey tights under pants

Is this bad female habit relevant to you? Try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Firstly, it gives your untidyness, if you have to take off your shoes somewhere (you never know where you might suddenly end up). Secondly, it directly affects your well-being. Just try to put on the whole tights, and you will feel much better.