Beauty trends that are not always worth trying on yourself

Couturiers and Insta bloggers rely on originality. All standard techniques have already been tried, and they include fantasy, inventing something that goes beyond.

We study such trends with great interest, however, we are not in a hurry to try it on ourselves - it is unlikely that others will appreciate such “beauty”. Therefore, most fashionable techniques that designers use for their shows, and bloggers, are suitable only for thematic photo shoots.

Lip glitter

Shutterstock Those who are tired of matte textures, try to add more shine to the image. Shimmering lipsticks and shadows look harmonious and stylish, but huge glitter on the lips is an obvious search.

Sequins all over the body

Shutterstock The trend for "brilliant" images applies not only to the face. Makeup artists offer to put glitter on hair and body (for example, on the chest and buttocks) - even glitter gels are on sale. An interesting technique for a photoset, but not for the street. In this form, you will definitely not remain unnoticed - looking after you, passersby will precisely twist a finger at your temple.

Makeup "unicorn"

Shutterstock This pink and purple doll make-up has gained enormous popularity among young beauty bloggers on Instagram, but is completely inapplicable to real life. Too “sweet” shades in combination with glitter look pretentious, and choosing an image for such a make-up is not an easy task.

Precious eyebrows

Shutterstock Mad eyebrow feathers were replaced by no less crazy, but very “glamorous” eyebrows with rhinestones. This technique looks very conceptually, although we do not imagine where to go in this form.

Multicolored freckles

Shutterstock Fashion lawmakers convince us that you should not be shy of freckles. And those girls who do not have pigment spots are recommended to draw them. Color does not matter - the brighter the better. Perhaps, this image is suitable for a spring photo shoot, but it’s definitely not worth going out on the street.