7 reasons why he left me

I do not even know how to begin my story so that my heart does not tear to pieces ... for the umpteenth time. I have clear and clear answers to all my perplexities. I understand well what went wrong, I just have a habit of ignoring the obvious.

He left me because I bored him with my nagging and nagging

I talked a lot, and the only way to silence me was to get up and do what I asked. We could quarrel with him all day about his work. I told him that he did not accept the opportunities sent to him by life. And for him, career and personal hobbies had to go hand in hand, he said that I would never understand. I have always been in opposition to him. It seemed to him that I did not notice his efforts.

Yes, I found fault with him ... and I apologize for taking care of his well-being.

He left me because I didn’t have enough time for him

Apparently, I'm a really ambitious person. In any case, he told me so. I build plans that are hard to fulfill and then work with all my might on their implementation. I give too much attention to my goals, I am not content with what I have at the moment. I have never been pleased with my position. I have always strived for more, and my passion for success seemed to be insatiable.

But I was aiming for this all, because I wanted him to be proud of me and my skills ... and I apologize for working on myself to ensure a better future for him.

He left me because I was a firework of emotions.

Indeed, from my eyes beat fountains of tears more often than tap water flows. I can not even finish a phrase in a quarrel without crying. I cry when I'm sad. I cry when I get angry. He used to point out my mistake to me, and I could cry back for several hours until my eyes swelled and my face turned red with tears. I am a walking melodrama and there are a lot of problems in me that he didn’t really want to touch.

However, my emotions always boiled at the thought that he could get away from me - and I apologize for being so afraid of losing him.

He left me because I was too demanding

I preferred not to have breakfast unless he had breakfast with me. I could sit at home for a day and sleep with high fever, but I didn’t want to go to the doctor without him. He had to go every day for two hours by car to me, so that we could spend half an hour together. I waited for him until midnight, because he definitely needed to put me to bed and wait until I fell asleep. I could not make decisions on my own, and I never tried. Almost always the last word remained with him, and he was tired of the need to constantly take care of me.

Yes, I was capricious, but because I was crazy about him ... and I will forgive forgiveness for having made him part of myself.

He left me because he loved the girl I used to be

Sometimes, as if forgetting himself, he spoke to me about how he misses the time when I behaved differently with him, when I laughed at his jokes and when he found pleasure in my smile. More often than not, we talked not about the relationship in which we were at that moment, but about the time when we just became a couple, and how everything was then. He spoke about me as about a person who was left in the past and whom he missed.

I have ceased to be the girl he knew before, because our relations have changed ... and I apologize for the fact that the development of our relations has led to the fact that we have moved away from each other.

He left me because he loved another

I knew that it would happen sooner or later, I had a presentiment of this. I could not prevent it, no matter how wanted. I looked at him and realized that he was already a different person, he was no longer mine. His presence beside me was a pain in my heart. I felt guilty, as if I was complicating his life. I had no other choice, I had to let him go.

However, he fell out of love with me, because he let me go much earlier than our relationship ended ... and I apologize for loving him so much that I ceased to be the person he loved.

He left me because we were not destined to be together

We could not be together - happy and complete - even in a parallel reality.

I wanted to be the best for him ... and I'm sorry if I was too much for him.