Better without it: 7 signals that you have outgrown your man

You have become more mature and you feel that your relationship will soon end, but your partner is trying to keep you. You need to understand whether these relationships are productive for you or are being pulled to the bottom.

Deep down you can guess that you need to change something. In this case, you should not part with their desires for the sake of men. You cannot let anyone stop you from unleashing your full potential, even your partner. If you go to something that you really want, do not let yourself be dissuaded.

If you feel that you are investing more in relationships and are waiting for a response, you need to decide whether these relationships are important to you. You can always go and move on if something does not suit you. It is even good to be alone - it will be time to understand your desires and focus on them.

If you are in doubt, whether you have outgrown your partner or not, look at the following seven points and evaluate whether they are in your relationship.

You want to do more

You always look to the future and present your activities and their benefits to others. But your man may not share the same ambitions to fulfill his dream. It’s unfair if he sets his standards and sticks to your wheels.

You always pay bills

It’s ok if you pay bills on partner’s responsibilities from time to time. But if you start to notice that for the most part only you pay all the bills, this can be a problem. Money is what we earn. Therefore, when you spend practically all your earned money on a man who cannot provide for himself, you simply give him his money.

You feel like a mom in a relationship

You can not be his mommy all the time when he can not grow up. Some men do not want to take responsibility, they force someone to answer for them. Think about whether you need the role of a parent in a relationship?

You are stuck and cannot develop in a relationship (like a partner)

One of the conditions for a serious and healthy relationship is to challenge each other to be better, to achieve more. If your chosen one has no motivation and does not know what he wants from life, how can he inspire you and help reveal your talents? In this case, you have to challenge yourself, or you never know what you are capable of in this life.

You feel you are carrying all the work.

You should not overstrain and climb out of the skin out. You need support. If your partner does not give this, it is necessary to delineate responsibilities and set tasks in order to achieve equal partnership in relations.

You feel like you must go forward

Intuition and instincts are your best friends. They allow you to make the final and correct decisions in serious situations. If you feel that you should continue the relationship, then do just that.

Your friends and relatives confirm your doubts.

No one knows you better than family and friends (after you, of course). They see everything from the side and from a different angle. They may have a different point of view when it comes to your relationship, but in the end, it may be useful.