Etiquette rules: who should pay for a woman in a restaurant

Previously, everything was simple and clear - a man paid for a woman in a restaurant. So it was prescribed etiquette, and few of the representatives of the stronger sex opposed this. But today there is a century of equality in the yard - and ladies sometimes earn even more than men, and sometimes even invite gentlemen to date. In addition, there are also business lunches and dinners. What should be done in these situations according to etiquette?

First date

Equality is equality, and at the first meeting the man really wants to show you his responsibility, the desire to take care of you. Why not give him that opportunity? According to etiquette, if a couple meets in a date restaurant, your cavalier must pay. At the same time, you can check on what to expect in the future - with a greedy man is hardly waiting for a pleasant affair.

The exception is the situation when a man did not like and you are not going to meet with him anymore. In this case, the woman can gently hint that she will pay the bill herself. A smart person will understand correctly.

Meeting with husband

The situation when a husband and wife meet in the evening in a restaurant is not regulated by etiquette. Costs may be borne by both a man and a woman - this is discussed individually.

Friendly meeting

Whether you are dating one-on-one with a male friend, or in a large company, etiquette requires you to pay each one for yourself. However, if a man offers you to pay your bill, you can agree - there is nothing wrong with that. He just wants to be a gentleman - give him that opportunity.

Business dinner

When a man and a woman meet in a restaurant in order to discuss business matters, the inviting party must pay for the dinner. This rule applies even if a woman has invited a man. If there was no invitation as such, it’s best to pay in half - every man for himself.

It is worth noting that sometimes a partner man offers to pay your bill - in this case, etiquette tells you to politely refuse.