Zodiac signs in love and relationships: with whom you will be happy


Each of us needs something different from relationships. And when we fall in love, we all behave very differently. It depends in many respects and on what sign of the zodiac we were born. How do zodiac signs behave in love?

Zodiac sign Aries in love

He is hot and impulsive. What belongs to him, he jealously guards and protects. However, it is not always possible to call him faithful and permanent - if he becomes bored in a relationship, he will turn his attention to something else.

Zodiac sign Taurus in love

To make Taurus truly fall in love, you need to spend a lot of energy and even more time. However, if he does it, it will be serious and for a long time.

Gemini Zodiac sign in love

The inconsistency of this sign here makes itself felt. Twins often switch attention and change partners, but reproaching them for infidelity would be unfair. They just do not need to be bored.

Zodiac sign Cancer in love

Being in a relationship, he gives the partner all of himself and demands the same in return. This is not always easy, but relationships can be very harmonious if the partner shares this position.

Zodiac sign Leo in a relationship

As in all other areas of life, Leo in a relationship requires attention and total love from his partner. He is faithful enough, however, he can change his views if something does not suit him.

Virgo zodiac sign in relationship and love

When the Virgin is in a relationship, she tries to build them on their own, already outlined in the script scenario. Sometimes her partner literally takes it out of himself, but if they come to a compromise, the relationship can be very comfortable.

Zodiac sign Libra in love

Scales are waiting for a partner of complete understanding. She loves light and beautiful life, aesthetics around, art and beauty, and are very happy when a loved one supports them in this.

Zodiac sign Scorpio in love

Being in a relationship with Scorpio is a very difficult task, because he expects a lot from his partner, and he also has a rather complex character. However, when he begins to trust a person, he can feel all his strength and love to the fullest.

Zodiac sign Sagittarius in love

Sagittarius in the relationship need not so much - love, affection and tenderness. If he gets it, he will feel like the happiest person.

Zodiac sign Capricorn in love

A little despotic, but very caring Capricorn always tries to make the life of his family and his partner good and comfortable, and loves when his efforts are really appreciated.

Zodiac sign Aquarius in love

Aquarius is often tormented between love of freedom and tenderness to a loved one, so he really needs a person who is able to understand and accept him for who he is.

Zodiac sign Pisces in love

Fish are soft and gentle creatures that can sometimes be really strong and stubborn. First of all, they are waiting for loyalty and understanding from a loved one, and then all disagreements are secondary.