11 reasons why a single woman does not want to start a relationship


When you are alone for a long time, you can see what is usually not visible if you are constantly in a relationship. Therefore, the longer you are alone, the more you understand these things:

1. Relationships are overpriced

Seriously: they are considered as the meaning of life, but sometimes you do not get them. Yes, you had a good relationship in the past, but this does not mean that you are completely without romance. Where is the whole praise of life alone? This is much better.

2. The partner cannot give you what you cannot give yourself.

Night walks? Completely! Flowers for no reason? Also. You fully satisfy all your needs and do not feel that you are not missing anything, being alone.

3. It’s damn good to be so self-sufficient.

There is a special pride, which is that you completely direct your life. Of course, you need to thank your wonderful friends and family, who serve as support, but all your successes and achievements are obtained solely thanks to you. You pay your bills yourself, provide a roof over your head, food at the table. All alone, and it seems incredible.

4. You can live a full life without romantic love

While healthy, happy relationships can add much to life, they do not build it. And this happens only because your life has already been built, and having a partner is just a cherry on top of an already delicious ice cream with a bunch of fruit. You already have a deadly career, an amazing support system, a lot of passions and hobbies - what more could you want?

5. Sometimes it would be nice to have someone close to you to embrace.

It means that you are only one, and when it is cold outside, and the sofa or bed seems too large, then a good pair of strong and warm hands would fit perfectly. You are rarely alone, but from time to time there is a need for a little physical attachment. Well, and who does not?

6. Yes, and proximity in the rare case when you are in the mood, would be excellent

Of course, you would like someone to tear off your clothes with all the subsequent actions. Relationships involve regular intimacy, but since you don’t need it all the time - well, a mystery.

7. Dating is a nightmare and a waste of time.

You were there, you did it, you got joy, but all this seems to be unnecessary. Whenever you tried to present yourself at your best and sincerely looked for love, everything ended up only a big waste of time. You have more important things to do than put your heart where it eventually breaks again. The next time you have to be 100% sure, but no one has yet made you feel that way.

8. Love in life is not at all like a movie.

Everyone grows up watching first Disney cartoons, then romantic comedies, in which love is a wonderful, magical thing. Sometimes it happens, but it is called a candy-bouquet period, and it usually ends quickly. In real life, love is hard and does not always pay off. In general, I seriously want these films to be more realistic.

9. It is very good to be selfish.

There is no need to think or consult with someone when making decisions for their lives, which are not very important. Everything is pretty cool. Want to move to another city? You are welcome! Do you want to order Chinese food for dinner instead of preparing yesterday purchased products? Easy! All your decisions are made by yourself. It's priceless.

10. You have much less drama in life than in the life of your girlfriends with couples

When girlfriends share their dramas in a relationship, all you can think of is: “Oh, how great it is not me!” Of course, some of them are in a happy relationship and will not trade their chosen ones, despite the difficulties. But still you will not deny that their lives are more like Santa Barbara.

11. If you do not find love, everything will still be fine

Even if you are afraid to die alone. You are not against the idea of ​​a long relationship. In fact, you would even like them. However, if this does not happen for some reason, then know that everything will be fine with you, because you already have everything. And this is comforting, even if it sounds a little scary.