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5 values ​​of past years that are not needed by a modern woman

The society still tries to impose on us the requirements and norms of behavior of past years. Do not allow yourself to manipulate - all these things are no longer mandatory. You can become a happy and self-sufficient woman and realize yourself without these archaic requirements.

A woman must get married and have children

There are several stereotypes here. First - a woman should look for a man. The trouble from this stereotype is much more than it seems - it is the veiled harassment of single people from society that forces them to look for a partner at any price. As a result, millions of people do not associate their lives with those who really suit them, and sometimes suffer for years.

The second stereotype is the opinion that marriage will correct any situation. If the partner does not stick, he must become a husband, and then everything will be fine. This is a very common misconception that has killed the personal life of not one woman.

And, finally, the main purpose of a woman is to become a mother. However, motherhood is not included in the list of life goals of many women who chose to devote themselves to other things - work, art and many other areas.

A woman must meet her age

Compliance - it means to look and behave at your age. A big mistake that can deprive you of your own individuality and impose on you a way of life that does not represent value. Look and behave as you feel comfortable.

Woman must be feminine

An erroneous meaning is often put into this concept. True femininity is not in the fact that you wear dresses and do not peel off your heels. And certainly not in the rejection of their own life position and their opinions. Each lady is manifested in different ways, and depends primarily on how well she feels, and whether there are some men next to whom I want to feel like a woman.

A woman should be a good housekeeper

These are the costs of the time when the man was the main earner in the family, and the whole life was on the shoulders of the woman. Today, when ladies are actively working and earning well, this distribution is irrelevant.

A woman should watch her reputation.

The reputation, of course, should be monitored. This is expressed in the fact that it is definitely not worth crawling on your knees at three o'clock in the morning and singing obscene chastushki in karaoke. But not to wear short skirts (because you need to be modest), not to defend your own opinion (because it is worth being discreet) or to give up what you want for fear of what others think - this is a relic of the past.