Best Mother in Zodiac

Being a mother is the main purpose of every woman. Which of the signs of the zodiac best copes with this role?


Mothers of Aries themselves do not know how to sit idle, and they know how to motivate their children to do something. Music and sports, creativity and other hobbies - for children of Aries it is a normal life. And representatives of this sign teach their children not to give up in front of difficulties and go all the way, demonstrating this by their own example.


Soft, creative and caring, Pisces feel their children superbly, teach them kindness and mutual assistance, but do not forget to inculcate in them the skill to fight for their beliefs. These mothers provide support to their children, even when they become adults.


These mothers always feel very well their child, and understands it perfectly. For the sake of children, they are ready to do absolutely anything - to hurt the baby even more terrible than to hurt Scorpio himself.


Caring mother, Cancer cares about her children and loves them very much. She has to compromise and always tries to help the kid. Next to this woman is always comfortable, warm and homely. Cancer is ready to help its child develop, and encourages creativity.


Always balanced, these mothers do not lose their temper when the child plays pranks. Strictness is not about them. Children for Libra are more friends, and they are always ready to come to their aid and support.


Unlimited patience helps Taurus mothers to bring up children, although sometimes stubbornness leads to misunderstandings, especially in adolescence. But the representatives of this sign are ready to give the children all the best - tasty food, good things and toys, and all kinds of entertainment.


Native people - the main jewel in the life of a Capricorn woman, and this applies to her children in the first place. Although sometimes they bring up children in strictness, they grow up to be worthy people who know how to work and defend their life position.


Cheerful Gemini women are able to find a common language with everyone, and their children are no exception. They can discuss anything with them, even that which other mothers do not dare to talk about. These mothers can turn the lives of their children into a real holiday.

a lion

They love their children very much and try to give them the best, but sometimes they are inclined to put their own interests above the interests of their children. In addition, sometimes Lionesses perceive a child as an extension of itself, and not as an independent person.


They approach the upbringing of children very creatively, but sometimes they are too enthusiastic about this role. They are impatient mothers, and sometimes keep the child in excessive severity.


Exemplary wife and mother, she seeks to do everything right. Only sometimes she takes a great interest, and makes too high demands on children, which it is not easy to meet. Mama Virgo will teach her children discipline and self-confidence.


You will not call the stereotypical mother of Sagittarius - she teaches her children to be freedom-loving and independent, and they will never refuse to have fun. These mothers give their children a truly happy childhood.