4 differences between T-shirts that look cheap and look expensive


What is the difference between the two T-shirts for 200 and 2000 rubles, whether most of us are able to “see by eye” which one is expensive, whether it is worth overpaying - the answers to these questions in this article.

How much do we overpay for the brand

Brand T-shirts are more expensive than the things of the manufacturer's non-name, and behind this is the entire path that the eminent player of the market has had to go. The story, the conquest of its buyer, decades of quality marketing and not easily earned reputation, which is usually valued.

When buying an expensive brand item, we still do not have a 100% guarantee that it will be the most convenient for us, will emphasize our advantages, make us stylish and will be worn forever, but this is what the most expensive brands strive for.

Their task is to conform to their own concept, and if you feel like a typical hero of a certain brand, most likely, you will also like his clothes. Unless, of course, will be available on the wallet. After all, the mark "for the brand" can be from 50% and reach 80−90%.

What can you save so as not to overpay so much? In the world of fashion and style, even a high-quality replica is considered a mauveton, so it remains to imitate the great brands not in ready-made models, but in the principles that led these brands to popularity. And this:

  • The style embedded in the model itself;
  • Convenience of cutting and “collaboration” of the thing with its owner;
  • Quality and durability;
  • Matching current trends.

Any truly high-quality brand thing expresses itself through the confidence of its owner, and this is usually worth its money, and any thing that corresponds to the above principles can have the same effect for less money. But in order to recognize these attributes in an unknown manufacturer, it is necessary to have the same flair, style, or to be competent in this field.

Style is the same noble composure, which is inherent in far from each of us, and the absence of which is compensated by the acquisition of more expensive things. A person without money, but with style, will look expensive and noble, and without money and without style - cheap and tasteless.

But there is good news - the style can be educated and developed. For example, choosing a T-shirt among inexpensive ones, avoid abundance of décor, bright defiant prints, applications made in a dubious way. Brand expensive items tend to be more restrained than low-cost, cheap clothes.

Quality cut - a myth or the truth

Brand things are not everyone distinguishes "by eye". Perhaps, without being interested in collections and the “handwriting” of famous brands, even an expert will not distinguish. However, a good thing from a bad one can be distinguished by everyone, and if a specialist sees it on a hanger, then each of us will know how well the thing lies.

Brand items really differ in higher-quality cut due to their signature patterns, which are able to “make friends” things with their masters as much as possible. A good cut adorns the wearer, gives confidence and plays a much deeper role than “covering the body”. A good cut is your freedom, looseness, if you like, the quality of your life. And it’s not necessarily worth paying 10 times as much.

In order not to overpay, trying on a model, try to perform several familiar movements in a T-shirt - raise your hands, bend over, tuck your shirt in your belt - and observe how comfortable you are and whether your movements are not constrained by a thing. By the way, you can do the same, trying on an expensive T-shirt, and compare sensations. Let yours be the one in which the most convenient.

Material and workmanship

High-quality T-shirt is environmentally friendly material, more thin and at the same time more dense knitwear. The canvas is made of fine quality yarn on high-level knitting machines, in which the needles are located very close to each other, allowing you to make a dense material that fits well, does not stretch, holds its shape well and serves for a long time.

It is better to paint on such a canvas, which, in turn, is also of high quality, and the composition of the yarn allows the body to "breathe." It is worth it to pay more. In the end, it’s better not to save on comfort, but the wear resistance and the ability to keep the original look for years will make such a thing a more economical purchase.

How to determine the quality of the product when buying? Cheap product with low quality material gives the performance. If you decide to purchase an inexpensive thing, but doubt the quality, carefully examine it. Neatly made seams, uniform color, evenly sewn buttons, identical details - all this will testify to the quality. Take two items of the same size and carefully put one on top of the other. In a poor quality batch there will be noticeable discrepancies.

How much is it to be in trend

Influential brands themselves set the tone in fashion and "launch" trends. Creative solutions and trendy details can increase the cost of things in half. It costs even more to the buyer due to the fact that next season it becomes unclaimed. However, the main trends are kept for years and in each collection there are basic, classic things that remain relevant for several years.

If you give preference to such things, you can look fashionable, stylish and expensive, enjoying the comfort that gives us high-quality clothing.