Fashionable cheat sheet: 6 tricks of choosing the perfect jeans, which you did not know

Jeans are the favorite clothes of most men and women. Today, in this element of the wardrobe it is decent to appear even in the office and at many events - and for the casual style this is an integral part.

But not everyone can choose the perfect jeans. We offer 6 tricks to help you navigate the variety of denim clothing and make a choice that will not disappoint you.

Lightning must be reliable

According to statistics, this is the first piece on jeans, which fails. Before you buy, be sure to check the quality of the lock, as well as how well it is fixed - constantly opening zipper will give you a lot of trouble.

Length matters

If you do not plan to cut jeans yourself or with the help of a tailor, pay attention to the length of the product when you purchase. The ideal jeans length is where the bones on the ankles are. If the jeans are longer, it will look untidy, and too short can add volume to the legs (especially if we are talking about skinny).

High waisted jeans are preferred in most situations.

They have a lot of advantages - they make your legs longer, accentuate the attention of others around your waist and make your silhouette more proportionate. And for miniature girls, this is an indispensable life hack.

Back pockets must be correct.

Ideally, if they are tall and straight, and between them - a small distance. Only in this case, your figure will look harmonious, and the proportions will not be distorted.

Jeans should be your size

Too spacious denim trousers look sloppy and can ruin even the best shape. Tight jeans are even worse - especially if they are skinny. They look unaesthetic, and walking in them is a real torture.

Jeans should be a little loose in the groin area.

The phenomenon of "camel foot" - one of the most serious fashionable mistakes of women, which will negate all your efforts to look good.

Jeans worth buying in a good store

Jeans - one of those things that are bought for centuries. They form the basis of the basic wardrobe and become the "company" for all the trendy things that you pay homage to. Cheap and poor-quality jeans will disappoint you. It is better to refuse to buy the next dress with the sale, dig a little and spend on high-quality jeans from a good store.