The most fashionable pants of the season: 5 pairs for any occasion

Wearing jeans is no longer as fashionable as it used to be. Now the most stylish images are obtained with trousers of completely different types. So, if you do not have a favorite pair yet, look at our material and choose what you like.


This is a completely universal model of trousers. You can wear them with a shirt and go to a business meeting, or you can combine them with a bright blouse or an unusual sweatshirt, getting ready for a walk. Slacks are comfortable and simple, often made in sand colors, but you can even find bright shades of blue or pink.

Straight pants

The simplest model of trousers will become a bright element of your image if you choose a bright design. Different designers and brands of democratic brands offer trousers with ethnic prints this spring. With such a bright bottom it is easy to overload the whole image, so choose minimalistic T-shirts and simple shirts for it.


Pants from the past, which again won the hearts of fashionistas. Wide to the bottom leg leg visually lengthen the legs. Often decorative inserts on the sides began to appear on the flared trousers, which makes them an informal element of the image. Not every girl will decide to wear such pants, but you should definitely try, perhaps this pair will emphasize all the advantages of your figure.


Trousers with a high waist and an unusual silhouette are chinos. This pair should be worn with great care, because they can visually add a few pounds. In addition, it is better to wear chinara with high-heeled shoes so that your legs do not become visually shorter. They will be beautifully combined with a sweater, and with an elegant blouse, and also complement them with a beautiful strap.


The simple form of the pants, but so loved by many - pipes. Skinny pants, emphasizing all the advantages of the figure are an integral part of the wardrobe of every stylish girl. They are almost all the colors of the rainbow, which allows you to create the most unusual images with such a seemingly simple element. Agree, pink pants with a white shirt look very spring-like. Some pipes are also supplemented with a decorative element on the belt, for example, with a wide bow in the color of the pants.