5 shades that will rejuvenate you and rival your opponent

We become older and age features become more noticeable on the face. You noticed that in dark colors of clothes we look older. Dark color casts shadows on the face relief, and wrinkles and other nuances become more noticeable. It is better to use light shades, namely shades: pale green, mint, pale lilac, cornflower, lavender. Light shades go to absolutely everyone and look elegant and expensive.

Natural beige

Beige is the color of natural landscapes, sandy beaches, so it is associated with all natural. It gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. Beige shades give us a natural tenderness, femininity. Melania Trump, Angelina Jolie often rely on solid monochrome, complementing the outfit with bright accessories. For example, a red bag or succulent pumps.
Cardigan Mango. Cardigan Mango,.

Refreshing Mint

Gentle mint, menthol shades, aqua colors - we associate with lightness, movement, youth. These shades are among the most refreshing. All light colors are combined with each other, as well as the color from which they are formed. For example, mint - with green and all its shades.
United Colors of Benetton Cardigan, United Colors of Benetton Cardigan,.

Sea shades

Immediacy, romance and dreaminess are indispensable companions of this color. Light blue is one of the favorite shades of 37-year-old Kate Middleton, who is a model of refinement, youth and beauty. Azure, heavenly, cornflower blue are ideal shades for attractive women who create harmony around themselves. One of the most attractive combinations is blue and chestnut, as in nature, heaven and earth. Causes a feeling of peace, relaxation and air.
Springfield Pullover. Springfield Pullover.

Sensitive lilac

Unlimited shades of lilac give us mystery, and our face lightness and refreshing shining tone. Lilac shades have mystical power and sexuality. Color sensitivity, mystery. This color is relaxing, so you should not wear it for a business meeting, but for a romantic meeting, it is ideal.
Vila jumper,. Vila jumper,.

Pastel Pink

At the mention of the costume traditionally there is an association with either office style or sports, at the same time, today there are casual comfortable suits with stunning makeup and perfect colors. Designers create universal models suitable for tourism, recreation, business trips. Wear a cashmere suit with a coat or a parka, a raincoat or a windbreaker. Soft noble color will create around you a halo of feminine gentle energy, and the skin itself will give you a natural glow.
Moki costume. Moki costume.