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7 signs by which you can recognize a female tyrant

It is not always possible to recognize such women at first sight - they diligently disguise themselves, trying to appear as “real friends”. However, in practice, women tyrants among friends, colleagues or relatives - this is not much better than a despot partner. Their goal is to gradually make you more vulnerable. It doesn't matter for what purpose: she can only be understood by her alone. Moreover, the goal may not be at all.

How to recognize a female tyrant?

"Polite" insults

She didn’t seem to want to offend you - so, by chance, she fell out of her tongue. And she is even ashamed of it (in fact, of course not). It may look different. For example, your aunt, seeing a new dress, asks - “maybe you should throw some money? What do you wear trash? ”This woman directly told you that the taste leaves much to be desired, and covered her filth with an imaginary concern for your well-being.

Or a new colleague, in response to an invitation to a birthday in a cafe, will curl up, and declare that she was not in such a place a long time ago, more and more in restaurants. Your mood will slowly crawl down, and the tyrant in the skirt will feel satisfaction.


Most often, this impact falls on the closest people of a female tyrant, or those who are directly subordinate. Mothers, convincing daughters that they are ugly; Wives who tell their husbands how stupid and worthless they are; the boss, who complains that it was in her department that the dumbest employees gathered - all these are manifestations of female tyrants.

Nagging little things

You invited your girlfriend to your home, and instead of the delicious cakes on the table, you noticed dust in the corner, cobwebs on the chandelier, and noted that there was too much sugar in the treats. Congratulations - your girlfriend just them such despots in a skirt. Friendship with you is nothing more than a desire to assert oneself for her. At your expense, of course.


This impact is easiest to follow on the example of a kindergarten. In each group there is a girl who loves to embroil others. First, she will tell Tanya that Masha said something disgusting about her, and then she would come to console Tanya after a quarrel with her best friend, which she herself provoked. Then this girl will grow up and turn into an adult woman who will play by the same rules. The bridegrooms setting the husband against the mother and setting their relatives against him are precisely this case.

What to do with all this?

There is a universal way to get rid of a female tyrant - not to communicate with her. If such a madam is your girlfriend, believe me, you will not get anything from communicating with her, except for the constant feeling that you are doing everything wrong. If, however, to completely stop communication is not possible, try to at least minimize it. When such a woman tries to lead you, insult or try to evoke negative emotions in you towards other people, respond calmly (without aggression - this is exactly what is expected of you), but firmly. Make it clear that you are not the right person to manipulate.

And what exactly you should not do-so be led to provocations. Always keep your own opinion in your head and do not allow anyone to convince you that something is wrong with you.