5 things in the wardrobe that bring good luck

Things can have energy, and this is really true. For this reason, many, for example, refuse to purchase items from second-hand. However, in addition to other people's things, your own things can possess such energy. What you need to have in your closet?


Of course, the gift of a loved one who loves you very much and values ​​you. Such a thing means a lot to you - you protect it, treat it with some trepidation and put it on on special occasions. She may even support you in those moments when you really feel bad. The pleasant memories associated with it will warm your wushu at the right moment.

Fashionable dope

Sometimes we all need to make everyone. And then what will help us? Of course, a bright, spectacular dress that will draw the attention of everyone around you and will drive that same man crazy. And maybe these are stilettos in which you feel like a queen? This may be one thing or several, but they must be present.

Thing of a loved one

If you take a shirt or sweater from your man, he will surely forgive you. But you will have a thing that will keep its smell for a long time, something cozy, which will always lift your spirits and remind you of your beloved, when he is not around. Over time, excellent pajamas come out of such things, in which they really sleep sweetly.

Magic thing

In this blouse you easily passed an important exam, for which you were very worried. And then went to the job interview of your dreams. After that, in it, you went to a serious event, where you met the man of your dreams, or maybe you made a successful deal. We all have such things in which we are very lucky. And all because they have a very strong energy.

The thing that is inherited

Most often it is jewelry. And this is not just a casual trinket, even if it is very beautiful and expensive, or, on the contrary, quite mediocre. She was worn and to you, with close and dear people who love you very much. Such power really means a lot. This item should be carefully kept in a box and worn only on special occasions.