10 reasons for hair breakage

Raise your hand if you like brittle hair. Yeah, that's weird. We do not think that someone likes it. There is nothing charming about dry, fragile strands that split and break. But, despite the fact that brittle hair is not a pleasant problem, we have good news. You do not need to live with it. We discussed with specialists the causes of hair breakage and how this can be prevented.

1. Lack of moisture

Without optimal moisturizing, your hair is more prone to fragility, so you need to make sure that you provide your hair with proper care. The care procedure should include the correct shampoo and conditioner that provide sufficient moisture. Pick an emollient line of products that not only moisturize, but also give shine.

Another point that causes damage to the scalp is hard water, which contains harmful chlorine and heavy metals. This can lead to damage to the hair cuticle and increased porosity, which subsequently weakens the hair and leads to their fragility. Purchasing a shower head filter is an easy way to deal with this problem, since this device is designed specifically to clean water from heavy metals. So your hair will become stronger and more shiny.

2. Frequent hot styling

It is no secret that hot styling weakens hair, with the result that they are prone to damage. The situation can be even worse if you do not use protective equipment. If you do hot packs every day, try to change your habits and use styling tools only once or twice a week. This will help keep your hair healthy. Moreover, it is very important to apply thermal protection agents that prevent damage from hot laying.

Try to use less hair straightener. Carefully read the instructions for use and do not exceed the time specified for laying each strand (about five seconds). Use a straightener once a week, and also choose appliances with ceramic plates that will protect hair from damage.

3. Drying wet hair with a hairdryer

Before you dry your hair with a hair dryer, they should dry naturally. Blot (but do not rub) wet hair with a microfiber towel. This method is more gentle than the classic turban terry cloth. Do not forget to use thermoprotective agents.

And one moment. Straightening hair with a brush and hair dryer also damages hair. Choose a brush for brushing with soft synthetic bristles. Do not pull the hair too hard and do not hold the vein tip close to the hair. It is better to keep the hair dryer at a distance of 5 cm.

4. Chemical procedures

Any woman who dyes her hair knows that keeping her hair strong and healthy is quite difficult, since constant chemical exposure causes damage to her hair. Owners of too damaged hair may need drastic changes, such as a short haircut, to keep the hair industry healthy. You may also need salon procedures to restore damaged hair.

Lovers of chemical straightening is better to pay attention to keratin treatments that give hair softness without damaging the cortex. Avoid any procedures that are called "Brazilian straightening" - in this case, a dangerous amount of formaldehyde is used.

5. Cotton pillowcases

Believe it or not, your favorite cotton pillowcases can cause damage, as during sleep there is friction between the hair and the material. Instead, choose satin or silk pillowcases. These fabrics do not cling hair.

6. Drying with a towel

And although it has already become a habit, wrapping hair in a towel can lead to tangling and damage. Replace the towel with an old soft T-shirt or paper towel that not only absorbs moisture well, but does not harm the structure of the hair.

7. Frequent washing

Cleansing hair too often helps to remove natural fats that support their health. Stylists advise using shampoo three times a week, but it also depends on your hair type.

If you are the owner of thin or oily hair, they should be washed more often. But be careful. Thoroughly rinse hair with water before applying shampoo. Rub the tool only at the roots, where there is more sebum. Wash off the shampoo with very cold water. Low temperature water softens the hair cuticle, so damaged tips will not be as noticeable.

Replenish the collection of hair care products that prevent damage, strengthen and restore hair.

8. Irregular haircuts

If you do not want to cut the bitten ends, sooner or later the hair will begin to break. Visit the wizard regularly to keep your curls in good condition.

9. Neglect of deep conditioner

If you have the time and money to go to the salon every four weeks, then fine. If this is not possible, start using a deep conditioner. Its composition is not very different from the usual conditioner, but it is more concentrated and gives the hair a special softness.

For severe injuries, use a deep conditioner at night, once a week, do not forget to put a towel on the pillow.

10. Unbalanced nutrition

For your hair to be strong, they need protein. It restores the weakened areas of the hair shaft, preventing damage. But be careful: a large amount of protein leads to brittle hair, and an excess of moisture makes them too elastic. It is very important to find the right balance.