3 rare female qualities that in a relationship literally nourish a man

Whatever may be said about the equal responsibility of both partners in a relationship, nevertheless, the key role belongs to the woman. She herself is the inexhaustible source of energy, from which everything around is charged and comes into action. Remember the famous saying about the fact that in a family a man is a head and a woman is a neck. Based on this, there are 3 main things that make a man happy in a relationship.

1. Women's self-sufficiency

Unfortunately, nowadays very few women have this quality, but many strive for it. Self-sufficiency is not independence and autonomy, as many people think. This is the ability to have fun and find pleasure in itself. Self-sufficient woman will never be dissolved in a man, will not sacrifice important things for her and will not lose her ā€œIā€. She knows how to appreciate solitude, is not afraid of loneliness and, above all, puts her inner world in the first place. Such a woman will be respected and appreciated by a man, because with her strength and faith in herself she allows relationships to develop harmoniously, without prejudice to anyone.

2. Female fragility

Notice, this is not about weakness, but about fragility. About the ability to ask and accept help, the desire to share their problems and concerns, the desire to allow a man to feel his courage and strength. After all, genetically from nature in a man laid the need to protect and protect, so give him that opportunity. Sometimes it is necessary to stop being a female rock and allow yourself a drop of softness and helplessness.

3. The ability to enjoy the world around

Another incredibly important quality is the ability to find happiness in the little things. Freshly brewed coffee, a delicious bun, birds singing outside the window, a sunny day - why not joy? A true woman knows how to surround herself with something that will bring her pleasure and make her mood. Sometimes it is worthwhile to let go of global plans and look around, because there are so many things around that will be nice for the heart. And, most importantly, your man will also be able to see all the delights of this life - thanks to you.