At the height: when you can and can not wear stud

Studs - the perfect shoes for the publication. However, in everyday life, women do not neglect this type of shoes. They put them on to work, to the store, to meet with girlfriends and just for a walk. But is it always appropriate to wear stilettos? Let's try to figure it out.

When the studs can be worn:

  1. Studs are a classic evening item. Corporate parties, hen parties, parties in bars and clubs - for all these events, studs can not just be worn, but necessary! It is in them you can feel beautiful, sexy and incredibly charming woman. This feeling will support you all evening, raise your self-esteem and mood. And what else is needed for a pleasant stay?
  2. Studs worth putting on a date or a romantic fan. Your other half will surely notice your sophisticated image and sexual walk in this shoe. The legs will appear slimmer, longer and more attractive. Such an image is unlikely to leave indifferent all men in the environment, but the main thing is that your only and dear person will appreciate this.
  3. Shoes with sophisticated heels can be put on for a walk or for get-togethers with friends. Bright accents and defiant motives will add lightness and playfulness to the evening. This shoe is quite suitable not only for meeting with friends, but also just for social events. After all, first of all, it is a luxury item that can revive and give energy to any image.

When studs cannot be worn:

  1. Never wear studs for an interview or office. Work is the place where you should be valued, first of all, for professionalism. Studs for office work are a bit vulgar and challenging, whatever you put them on. For the office, the best fit is a square heel or a cone-shaped one, but by no means a wedge!
  2. We do not recommend wearing studs at official day events. These include not only secular parties, but school parent meetings, business meetings, negotiations and various conferences. These events can be attributed to the official business, and, therefore, clothing for them should be appropriate. Studs and shoes with a thin heel can ruin your image of a strict and elegant lady.
  3. It is forbidden to wear shoes with thin heels in libraries, hospitals and any other places where the sound of pin-up studs would be heard and would disturb the people around you. It is extremely unacceptable to come there in high heels. Here it is relevant not just the rules of etiquette, but also the rules of ordinary human good tone. Shoes can be uncomfortable, not only for you, but also for others. Especially when the rhythmic tapping of the shoes interferes with your comrades, colleagues, and just people who are close by.