6 clear signals that you sleep too much

Have you ever felt terrible after an unusually long sleep? If you feel severe dehydration, a throbbing headache, or your whole body aches, there are a number of reasons that explain your condition after a long sleep. Be sure that your body will do everything possible to warn about those signs because of which you sleep too much. And they should pay attention for the sake of their health and well-being.

In most cases, we are talking about a lack of sleep, but pouring is a rather serious problem. In fact, there is a pathological condition called hypersomnia, which affects about 2% of the population. People with this pathology are recommended to sleep 10−12 hours to feel full of energy. Therefore, if you do not get enough sleep for seven to eight hours, you may have other problems that you need to consult with your doctor.

Here are some more signals that you spend too much time in bed.

1. You are in a bad mood.

Long sleep and constant reluctance to get out of bed can be an indication that you are experiencing not the best of times or even suffer from depression. Sleep and depression are closely related, so do not be surprised if your bad mood coincides with the reluctance to get up on time.

A number of studies are now being conducted that support the idea that, although rest is very important for mental and physical condition, an excess of sleep can activate a feeling of depression.

2. You have a headache after waking up.

It is still not entirely clear how sleepiness and headaches are related, but this happens very often. Morning headaches can result from how the brain works during sleep, or you need to eat a more nutritious breakfast or drink more water.

3. You feel tired, despite the fact that rested

If you feel sleepy, despite having slept for a sufficient number of hours, it is possible that you should try to reduce sleep by an hour or two.

Fatigue and apathy can result from reduced physical activity, so if reducing sleep does not help you, try to do daily jogs around the house and see how it affects the body’s energy level.

4. Your body aches

Have you ever woken up with the feeling that your body resembles stale bread? Well, if this happens all the time, it means that you sleep too much. Studies show that excess sleep causes inflammation, which leads to pain in the body (especially in women).

5. You constantly forget something.

Do you notice mental clouding and lack of attention? Forgot where the keys were put again?

Believe it or not, an overabundance of sleep may be associated with cognitive impairment. Some experts believe that seven hours of sleep are enough to rest the body and mind.

6. You wake up the alarm almost every day.

This may seem obvious, but still. If you have trouble waking up, even though you sleep eight hours, it’s time to figure out the problem. If you cannot determine the causes yourself, consult your doctor.