My husband is being chased by an ex-wife.

Sometimes even a divorce is not a guarantee that the spouses will begin a new life. Especially if the couple has a child, which is a link. Worst of all, sometimes not even the couple itself, but their future partners.

“A year ago I met the man of my dreams. He, like all people, has its drawbacks, but you can take it off. Except for one thing - he has an ex-wife who will never leave her husband alone.

He was the initiator of the divorce, and even before he met me - I did not take anyone away from the family. He said that it was impossible to live with her - this woman was constantly demanding something from him, was hysterical, controlled him beyond measure and always got something out of it. Once he could not resist, and filed for divorce. He says that he could not even sleep with her anymore - he stopped attracting.

And the former did not accept this. I don’t know if she loved him or just lost a good feeding bowl, but she was very dissatisfied with her divorce. Madame decided that he now owes her the coffin of life for the fact that her daughter remained with her, and constantly blackmails her. He can call in the middle of the night and say that the child is sick. When he breaks down and comes to her, he claims that she was just bored and had no one to drink a glass of wine.

She comes to work for him, finds them through mutual acquaintances - and I cannot do anything about it. One day he even spent the whole evening in close company, where she was including, and I suspect that it was not just that he was there. I really do not want to think that he can deceive me. But her constant invisible presence literally torments me. So much so that I seriously thought about whether to continue the relationship. "

How to get rid of the annoying presence of the ex-wife?

What if you get into this situation? Psychologists recommend first of all not to be nervous and treat the situation as calmly as possible. Analyze the actions of the former with the spouse and figure out how to be.

Understand her

Not all ladies can adequately accept the fact that their relationship has come to an end. Someone seizes a man with ticks, seeking to return him to the family. Take this fact for granted - perhaps after this you will be able to treat her persecution with understanding. Try to talk to her - let her know that her relationship is over, and her presence in your life is unpleasant for you. Be firm and decisive - it may very well be that she just uses your softness.

Talk to your husband

Do not make scandals - it will not benefit your relationship. You do not want to repeat the fate of his ex? Discuss the situation with him, and explain that his communication with the former is unpleasant for you. Ask him not to make calls with you.

But to demand that he stop communicating completely is not worth it, especially if he has a child. If a man is able to simply abandon his child, then it is better to stay away from him.

Don't let her presence ruin your life.

In other words, you should not show your husband his own self-doubt. Why are you nervous about her? Are you so afraid of losing? If he left this woman, then she is in the past. If she were really interested in him, he would not be divorced. Now your main task is to make the man feel better with you than with her.