A life

Woman cheap and her ostentatious "dolce vita"

My friend Olga especially no one loves. Not in terms of men, but in general in terms of people, friends and acquaintances. Yes, they communicate or pretend with her, but nobody wants to get close to her, much less share something personal, alas.

The fact is that Olya is a typical representative of cheap women. No, not those who make the brand of a phone or a brand of clothes the meaning of life (although this happens). Olya is exactly the cheap thing that carries her credo through life, proud of it and puffing up from a sense of self-importance.

Olya comes from a small village in the Irkutsk region, and this is perhaps her most important secret. The girl keeps her behind seven seals (especially from men) and tries with all her might to correspond to the status of a successful native Muscovite. Naturally, to achieve this, you need a lot of finances, which Olya, alas, does not possess. Therefore, her whole life is a continuous stream of credits, loans and borrowings. She takes one that extinguish others and to take the third. And so constantly.

Naturally, Olga is not some kind of fool simpleton who is ready for nothing. She knows her worth and fills her more and more. Cheap coffee, second-class restaurants, wine, worth less than 10 thousand, silver jewelry and clothing and mass-market, it simply does not accept. This is all - not her level, because Olya deserves more, period.

Well, about the race for brands, iPhones, logos and a demonstration of their imaginary wealth, I generally keep quiet. Olin's Instagram page is replete with pictures of expensive items and luxury surroundings. Although, in fact, for the third year, Olya has been shooting a dead two-bedroom apartment in Vykhino, and everything in the photo is entourage, props and nothing more.

Another glaring case, which in all its glory showed the cheapness of Oli, happened just as a month ago. The girl had a serious toothache, and so much so that there wasn’t much urine to endure. Going to dentistry and finding out the price of the question, Olya stocked up on analginum and pieces of bacon and began to self-heal a careless tooth. No, she had money, and she could easily use the services of a dentist. Just at this time, Olya had planned to buy a new brand bag, which cost exactly the same as a healthy tooth. And what do you think chose a fool? Bingo, of course the bag!

Olino's attitude towards men is simply killing - they are nothing more than a purse or credit card for her. Starting to meet with another gentleman, she first scrupulously, bit by bit, collects all the information about him, calculates income and expenses, and only then, if the candidate suits her, begins to fool around.

Most of all in life Olya is afraid to sell cheap. But, you know, it seems to me that it is already so “cheap” and artificial that its fear is simply groundless.