Your zodiac style: find out what's right for you

Style reflects your life position, worldview, attitudes and character. He is your message that you broadcast to the world, and can tell a lot. What direction is characteristic for women of each of the signs of the zodiac?


Fashion trends for these ladies do not matter much - they only wear what they like. Aries choose things that look bright, unusual, and even provocative. Red dress with a deep neckline, bold make-up, crazy hair-style - Aries women do not tolerate half measures.


Taurus women have a very delicate taste and an unsurpassed sense of style. They prefer only high-quality clothing made from natural fabrics, and all the things in their images are in perfect harmony with each other. Representatives of this sign often choose quiet tones, but sometimes they can try on bright things. Sloppy or bad taste for them is unacceptable.


Gemini women often have nothing to wear because their preferences are constantly changing. This can explain the presence of a huge wardrobe. You can’t find anything in it - evening dresses, sporty things or bohemian balachon skirts. Although these girls choose clothes of unusual cut, they do not like flashy colors.


In the style of crayfish emphasize accuracy. Things in their image are not always in harmony with each other, but the whole ensemble looks pretty collected. At a young age, Crayfishes choose tight-fitting outfits, trying to emphasize a good figure, and in a more mature one, they prefer multi-layeredness.

a lion

In the wardrobe of a female Lion, you can find many exclusive things - expensive brands, custom-made clothing. They really appreciate their individuality. On weekdays, the Lionesses prefer the classic style, underlined with unusual details, and for an important event they will choose a luxurious dress.


Virgo women prefer practical things. If they buy a costume, they can wear it to work, to a party with elegant boats, or to wear trousers and a jacket individually with other clothes. The basis of their style is femininity and accuracy.


Compared to their lifestyle, the Libra style is surprisingly conservative. They like calm, muted shades, mostly light. Representatives of this sign do not follow the fashion, and sometimes, out of principle, wear something that is not in trend. These ladies pay a lot of attention to underwear - it helps to feel more confident and is their main weapon of seduction.


Emotional and passionate Scorpios express this in their style. Their images are always so unusual that they want to be considered for a long time. They follow the fashion, but choose only what really looks interesting. Women of this sign like to emphasize their figure with the help of clothes and often give preference to tight or revealing clothes. Favorite colors in the images - red and black.


Sagittarius women are real women of fashion. In choosing an image, they are often guided by the opinion of loved ones, but if they come across a thing that has conquered its originality, it will definitely be in their wardrobe. Representatives of this fire sign love an interesting cut and rich shades, as well as are not indifferent to natural materials.


The style of the Capricorn woman is something that can be said about “just, but with taste”. Things of a classic cut look neat and blend perfectly with each other. The colors are predominantly muted, but coral is found, bright blue. They are not indifferent to the vintage - especially with regard to antique jewelry.


The creativity and love of freedom of Aquarius is also manifested in their style. These ladies adore fashionable experiments and will never refuse to try on something extravagant or provocative. Sometimes the release of the Aquarian woman into the world becomes a real event. For representatives of this sign, fashion is a way of self-expression.


Dreamy Pisces in clothes value comfort above all, and often prefer comfortable and discreet things. But their style can hardly be called boring - these women can turn even the most discreet image into candy. Their main secret is in the subtle sense of color, which helps them create perfect compositions.